Week 2 with Nutrisystem- What a week!

Last week I shared my experiance with the first week with Nutrisystem where I lost 8 pounds in just one week. I thought that week was hard but believe it or not I actually struggled more this week, the week where I was actually eating way more than week 1. Starting week 2 you have more "freedom" with what you eat, you snack a little but more and you have your 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch and dinner) and this is where your "cheat day" comes in once a week. 

Having more freedom on a diet is suppose to help you stick to it once you no longer need the system, it's to train your mind so to speak. I found myself struggling to eat all day, your day looks a little like this during the 2nd week.
- Snack
+ 4 Veggies
+64oz of water
Snacking so much was where I struggled, although you were eating small ones I was finding myself full and not wanting to eat. Cheat days were also something I didn't want to do, I was scared I wouldn't choose the right foods to stick to the healthier food choices while ordering out or cooking dinner. I had a lot of self doubt when it came to those cheat meals but I surprised myself when I really paid attention to what I was ordering, the booklet that comes with this system about what to eat while out really helped stick to what I should be eating on this "diet".

As a struggled I did not stick to the weeks meal plans 100% I did skip a few snacks, and didn't get in as many veggies as I should have but I still lost weight. This week I lost more than the average weightless for week 2 through the rest of your journey. I was expecting to lose 1-2 pounds but lost 7 pounds this week.
As I am headed into week 3 I really hope to push myself into sticking with the meals and snacks. 

As I am headed into week 3 I really hope to push myself into sticking with the meals and snacks. 
 Start weight this week: 158 
Ending weight this week 151

Total weightless to date: 15 pounds

Disclosure: As as member of the Nutrisystem Nation most of the food I will be eating during this 3 month journey will be provided to me free of charge along with a personal counselor to help with my my journey. Everyone's journey will be different and results will very. Along with healthy eating I will be adding simple activities in my daily routines to help jump start my weightless. 

Alyssa Waters

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