Week One with Nurtisystem Turbo Takeoff- The struggle, and the loss

Turbo Takeoff, what a week! Okay I am going to be honest here and say week one had me in a panic before I really got into it. So many thoughts ran though my head before and during the week but I made it and now I am heading into week 2. If I can do this really anyone can do it, even if it is just one week to jump start your body again. 

My week went a little like this... 

Day 1: "I got this!" 
Day 2: "I still got this" later that night "OMG I AM STARVING" 
Day 3: "Do not cave you are already too far in", "I really hope this is working" 
Day 4: "Dang girl you are doing this, you are doing great just 3 more days"
Day 6: "Okay I am a little tired of the same snacks" (Shake and Nutricurb Bar, I like variety) 
Day 7: "YOU ACTUALLY DID IT, Bring it on week 2!" 

Week One is the hardest they say and I believe it, I struggled a bit in the first few days as eating during the day wasn't really something I was used to. Managing myself with times to eat was a bit difficult and I had to constantly remind myself that it was time for a snack or lunch. I tired my hardest to eat around the same time everyday just to get into the routine and train myself to eat during the day and not all of it at night. Drinking 64oz of water a day was also not the easiest for me as I have never been a big water drinker, the first 2 days I did not hit my goal but I was close, for the next 3 days I really had to push myself to get it down but the last 2 days it felt like something natural (okay it is but for a non-water drinker this was a big deal).

Front 1/22
Back 1/22

Since I am one of those people who is used to eating everything at night while skipping meals and snacks during the day, night time was my struggle those first few days. Although I felt full during the day I felt hungry at night, I became what I call a drama mama but I knew I just had to stick to it, by the end of day 3 I had myself together and the sense of being hungry as night passed. 

Let's talk about the food!
The first week on the Nutrisystem "diet" is called the Turbo Takeoff, everything you need for this week is provided to you except for the veggies and water that you will be providing yourself. You have 7 full days worth of food for this week, there are no "Flex days" or what I call cheat days. During the Turbo Takeoff my daily eating routine went like this: 
Nutrisystem Breakfast
Nurti Shake
 Nutrisystem Lunch (Include 2 servings of veggies)
Nutri Curb bar 
 Nutrisystem Dinner (add 2 servings of veggies) 
64oz of water

Everything this week was flavorful and definately something most people would eat on a regular basis just in smaller portions (normal/ average) than most of us eat. 

 Start weight: 166 pounds
End of week 1: 158 pounds (confirmed on 3 different scales because I didn't believe it)

Total weight lost: 8 Pounds

Read why I started this new lifestyle journey here 

Disclosure: As as member of the Nutrisystem Nation most of the food I will be eating during this 3 month journey will be provided to me free of charge along with a personal counselor to help with my my journey. Everyone's journey will be different and results will very. Along with healthy eating I will be adding simple activities in my daily routines to help jump start my weightless. 

Alyssa Waters

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