Lorena Canals rugs because Life Happens in your home

 When I became a mom and had my own home I dreamed of having rugs in every room, when I stopped dreaming and finally got myself a beautiful rug for our living room I instantly realized why my own mother never spent more than $50 on a rug (& that was getting them on major clearance). Kids make messes, even adults make messes, there is no way around it unless you have a room that is completely off limit to everyone and everything and getting your rug clean can be costly. 

In a perfect world all our rugs and floor cushions would always be clean, & when life happens they would be easy to wash. Am I right? Well we must be living in the perfect world because Lorena Canals rugs and adorable floor cushions are all machine washable. Umha that's right, you don't need no stinkin carpet cleaning to get those pretty things clean anymore, just throw your rug in the washer machine & have it looking like you don't have kids in the house or fur babies.

Not only are Lorena Canal rugs washable, they are handmade which makes each rug even more unique than just the patterns and shapes they have to offer. Lorena Canal has a rug for literally any room with any style with their wide range of colors and patterns, mix it up around your home or coordinate every room. What I may love the most is they offer so many additional matching pieces so I can cover most of the room decor from one store.

Gwendolyn is turning the big THREE this year which meant bye bye baby room and hello big girl room! Naturally a big girl room means adding in pieces into her room that will grow with her, a great and fun rug being one of them and you can not say no to a matching cushion. Although my mind said to pick the super adorable ABC rug because she's still my baby I decided to go with something more "grown up" and very neutral, something I could use during every bedroom make over ( even put in my own room or living room if she decides she no longer wants the same rug)

Did I mention these rugs AND cushions can just be popped into the washing machine when life does happen in your home? Seriously I think that may be the one thing that had me the most excited about Lorena Canals rugs, I mean sure they also offer super cute prints but prints don't mean as much to me as easy cleaning. Motherhood means you often don't have time to have someone in your home to clean the carpets or to spend hours scrubbing them yourself so having an easy to clean rug is something I think all moms want in their home.

*Disclaimer: The items mentioned and featured in this post were provided free of charge to me, no other compensation was provided. all opinions are those of my own and although I hope you will share a similar experience you may not love these items as much as I do. 

Alyssa Waters

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