Letting it all hang out- Weight gain and doing something about it

Over the last year I have been pretty open about my weight gain but I haven't gone into full depth or really showed it all off. In this post I am doing just that, letting it all hang out. 

I used to be that person who to put it simply, people who had to go to the gym or diet hated. I was that woman who never had to step foot in the gym to stay fit, my "diet" consisted of whatever I wanted to eat, if I wanted brownies I could sit down and eat half a pan without gaining a pound. Never in my life did I think I would be sitting here telling you that I am about to start a journey into a new lifestyle to lose weight. 

Before getting pregnant with my 3rd and last baby I had struggled to gain weight, being underweight most my life I was always told "it will catch up to you one day." Little did I know these people were right. When I got pregnant with Gwendolyn I was advised to gain 36 pounds at the least to make up for being underweight pre-pregnancy, this seemed like an impossible goal for as this had been a goal I was given with my two previous pregnancies and only hit 18 pounds gained each time. Then it happened, it really happened, I hit my goal 36 was my magic number and for the first time I did it. I celebrated gaining the weight for the sake of my unborn child. 
I quickly started to see my stomach shrink after giving birth, just days later you could get a big difference in the size of my belly, I was excited to see the pounds drop off but I had a goal to keep on 12 pounds of that weight on. Eight months after giving birth I was close to my goal, I as just 13 pounds away from my goal of 130, I was so close. 
Nine months after giving birth the weight loss stopped and I began to gain it back. Life seemed to have happened, stress came over me but this was nothing new, even before my pregnancy there was stress but something was different this time, I turned to food when I was stressed and even bored. Eating was never something that I really enjoyed but suddenly it seemed like it was all I wanted to do. I never skipped means before or paid much attention to what I was eating but I was always on the go, I worked what seemed to be non-stop and was always on my feet. I went from working everyday to being a stay at home mom. I thought we lived a pretty active lifestyle but at night when it was time to settle down I sat & ate in front of the T.V. 

I found myself wanting to hid, I learned how to dress to hide the weight I had gained but it wasn't easy when today you mainly find form fitting tops. I turned to Lularoe & Piphany clothing, the dresses and tops that flowed, sure I was buying XS & S dresses but I was lying myself, I cheated. Yoga pants also became my best friends because I cull pull the waist band up high enough to suck in my fat.  Clothes shopping became something I hate, trying on clothes feels like my worst nightmare, walking into a dressing room with hands full of clothes with a smile on my face only to walk out with nothing and feeling horrible. This was never suppose to be this hard, I was always going to be skinny, that's just how it was but my body decided to stop working the way it used to. Here I am standing at 166 pounds, the most I have ever weight including all 3 times I was pregnant. How did this happen? 
This year I am done hating my body, the weight isn't going to just drop off on it's own. I need to make changes, for the first time I need to learn how to eat healthy portions and fight the cravings. This year I start a new journey with Nutrisystem to make a new lifestyle change, something years ago I never thought I would need but here I am overcoming the shame, letting it all hang out. For the next 3 months I will be blogging about my journey once a week, sharing the ups, the downs, the progress and even plateaus (hopefully they don't happen but we all know they could).  

Starting January 22nd join me every Monday for a weekly weight-loss update.  

Disclosure: As as member of the Nutrisystem Nation most of the food I will be eating during this 3 month journey will be provided to me free of charge along with a personal counselor to help with my my journey. Everyone's journey will be different and results will very. Along with healthy eating I will be adding simple activities in my daily routines to help jump start my weightloss. 

Alyssa Waters

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