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Have you ever wondered who YOU are? Not in the sense of what you are doing with your life or who you want to be but where you come from. I have always wondered who I was, what my story was, how I got here. I wanted to know my history, what my bloodline was made up of. I know the basics, my name is Alyssa Waters, I know my grandmothers maiden name and their mothers and their mothers mothers names, I was told my ancestors came from Ireland, Poland, Germany, England, and Scotland but that is all I know, what I have been told, there are stories about who I am and who my family is but that's all I have ever been able to go by. Who am I really? How much more is there to me?  With 23andMe I can find out exactly who I am.

This season is all about giving and I know I can not be the only person who has ever wondered about where they really come from, 23andMe makes the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list. This  service provides you with the information about YOU that you have always wanted to know. Through a simple DNA saliva kit you and your loved ones can view Ancestry Reports to help provide clues to your origins in about 6-8 weeks after sending back your sample. With this kit you can finally get a sense of who you really are. Knowing who you are, where you come from can bring you closer to your family than you can ever imagine. You are unique just like everyone in your family, comparing results can bring joy and 23andMe allows you to see how much you are alike but what also makes you different genetically. 

23andMe makes the process easy. Once you have gifted the 23andMe kit to your loved one the process is simple. 
1. Register your kit (you can find the code on the tube that will collect your saliva.) 
2. Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes 
3. Fill the tube up to the fill line (this is only about 3-4 spits into the tube) 
4. Close the tube 
5. Take off the top
6. Screw on the lid 

7. Put the tube in the bag 
8. Seal your box 
9. Ship it back to 23andMe (the box that is came in has a prepaid label) 
10. Wait 6-8 weeks, I know this will be the hardest part 

23andMe has special holiday offers through Dec 26th Visit the following link to
check out offers and get kits for yourself or your family today!

This post is sponsored by on behalf of 23andMe.

Alyssa Waters

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