5 Gifts under $100 for Active Women

Whether she is working out to get healthy, spending the day chasing kids a woman wants to feel comfortable when she is living a active lifestyle. We are helping you take out guessing what the active woman in your life may want for Christmas with small but mighty Top 5 Gifts under $100 list to help you pick the perfect gift . 


This one is for the Yogi in your life or the woman who is starting a new journey from health change, her new journey in motherhood or the woman who is turning a new leaf in your life (rebirth). Say hello to the Delicate Blooming Lotus Necklace from Sivana Spirit ($39.95). This blooming Lotus necklace is the perfect reminder that we have a ongoing quest of enlightenment & to not let a dang thing get in our way of our lives. 


Everybody needs a great water bottle and why not make it one that isn't full of chemicals and that will lasts as long as that gym membership that you tried to cancel last month. The BKR water bottle (Most around $35)  is one of my faves for a number of reasons, it's BPA and phthalate free (those disgusting chemicals that have lead back to cancer) 


Is she really working out or feeling comfortable without an amazing sports bra? Okay every woman needs at least one good sports bra in her life. I don't tend to buy a lot from Victoria Secrets but I do love their sports bras from the Pink collection. These bras give enough support where the woman in your life can be worry free about the girls up top staying put. (Pictured: Angel Max Sports Bra from the Pink collection $49.50)


Don't forget about the tank, we all need a comfy tank to wear with those yoga pants even if we sometimes just wear them to Target. A comfortable top can make all the difference in your workout even if its just a walk. We do not want to feel confined in our arms and going with a tank style top is the best way to ensure we do not have to deal with that. This Bamboo Maxi Tank ($49.95) is the perfect gift for the active woman in your life who still wants to look stylish while she's doing her thing,  or if she has things to do after her workout. No one would ever guess she was just at the gym or walked a mile before heading to Target. 



No work out outfit is complete without the leggings , did you know leggings are pants? Leggings are great for every day but they are even better when you live an active lifestyle or work out. It is hard to explain how us women feel in these pants but they are magical, they stretch with our every move so we do not feel confined. (Pictured Cosmic Tie Dye Leggings from Sivana Spirit $59.95) 

Alyssa Waters

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