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It's no news that I have kept my hair short for the past few years (not by choice, okay yes I choose to fry my hair with the constant hair color changes but it's not like I WANT to cut my hair super short every time.) and I have always had trouble styling it during the "awkward" stage of hair growth. When your hair is in what I like to call "the between" stage, the it's not a cute pixie, it's not a bob and it definitely isn't long it can be hard to style it, it's too short to put up completely, your bangs are too long to stay out of your face but again not long enough to pull back without twisting or braiding them.  

Cara, a independent consultant for Lilla Rose convinced me I needed to try Flexi clips for my hair styling troubles. I was getting so tired of the ugly bobbi pins that disappear quicker than the chocolate in my kitchen cabinet and let's face it aren't so cute and take more than 1 to style your hair. Flexi clips come in multiple sizes and the size you get depends on your hair thickness and even what you want to do with them. I have thick hair but knowing I was only going to be styling my bangs and eventually pinning back half my hair I didn't need the size medium as if I was pulling back all of my thick hair (I know it doesn't look thick but there is a lot of it). Cara walked me though the sizing and helped me pick the perfect one for my needs and even helped me pick a size for my toddlers thin, curly hair. I was able to choose worry free thanks to Cara helping me pick the right size but I also knew if for any reason the sizes I picked didn't work Lilla Rose has a 90 day exchange policy which includes ordering the wrong size. 
The Mini size is perfect for little ones 
Using the flexi clip is easier than I ever expected, it may even be easier than those bobbi pins I mentioned which we all know how they stretch to a point where they don't hold anything anymore or how the bottom portion of your pin does that twisty thing and you have to do it all over, you will not get that with the flexi clip. Flexis are a patented, all-in-one hair accessory made from piano wire. Created in 7 different sizes to fit any person’s thickness of hair. They were created to give ladies (and men) a hair accessory that would not stretch out or wear out and have to be replaced. Crafted from solid light metal (similar to the screws, nuts, and bolts you use around your house) and plated with a nickel finish, with an attached pin so you cannot lose any part of it. Flexis use the tension from bending around your hair to hold itself in place.
Styling your hair with the flexi clip is so easy it's done in 5 steps total and you will not have to keep redoing it. 
Step 1: Choose your Flexi 
Step 2: Open your Flexi 
Step 3: Style your hair 
Step 4. Place the bottom piece of your Flexi under your styled hair
Step 5: push the bottom piece of your flexi though the top of the Flexi 

About my consultant

 From Cara herself 
"I was given a flexi as a gift over 5 years ago and still have it, I still wear it often too. I never cared about my hair before that, just pulled it back in a ponytail and lived with it. After wearing a flexi and noticing that I stopped getting tension headaches from wearing my hair up, I never went back to hair ties and plastic claws. I twist my hair up in the morning and forget about it until I take it out at night. My two daughters wear them too and love picking out which flexi they wear each day. I love that I can pull their hair back without having them pull at it all day or complain that it is uncomfortable."

At this point I am pretty close to obsessed with these little clips, I have already picked out our next ones and will add new sizes once this hair of mine is finally grown out to include more styles in my routine. 

Like what you see? Flexi clips make the perfect gift for mom, teen girls and even the little ones. I say hello perfect stocking stuffers! Get there Here

Disclosure: Time for the fun stuff... The products mentioned in this post were gifted to me free of charge to include in this years Holiday Gift Guide, all opinions are those of my own and no other compensation was provide to sway this review. 

Alyssa Waters

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