Get stepping in comfort- PinkBlush Distressed Hoodie

This year I have been very open about my weight gain and I have promised myself that I would get out and get moving before the holidays, I am finally doing just that while staying comfy and cute with PinkBlush. In my opinion if you are working out you have be comfortable, who wants to work out when they don't feel good? Not I, that is something I know for sure. Being fashionable is a huge plus while getting fit.  

"This Distressed Hoodie from PinkBlush  is one of those slip over hoodies that I feel like I need every color it comes in." 

 This Distressed Hoodie from PinkBlush  is one of those slip over hoodies that I feel like I need every color it comes in (you need to check out the stunning pink one). Now I will admit, I am a hoodie addict but it HAS to be comfortable, so comfy that I don't want to take it off for days and this PinkBlush does just that. I am the type of person who will wear a pull over even when it's 80 degrees outside (come on people I live in FL and realistically we have 5 days out of the year were hoodies are a must, most of us wear them for fashion as we are sweating) but although this one keeps me warm it's not too thick to where it is too warm and the holes give you a little breeze when it comes through.

At first I was concerned about the holes, I love everything distressed but just like "holy" jeans I was a little worried the holes would get bigger as these are true holes (no reinforcement stitching around them), to my surprise even after a good amount of wears, trips to the park and little fingers poking into each hole they have not gotten any bigger. Now after so many wears I am not too concerned anymore.

 "fits every casual look"

This PinkBlush distressed hoodie is perfect for every pull over lover like myself and it really fits every casual look. I personally love pairing it with jeans when I am just doing my regular daily shopping (okay really I just like walking around Target) or throw it on with some work out leggings for my nightly walks/ exercise. 
Now excuse me while I go order myself the pink one for my Christmas present. 

Disclosure: As a PinkBlush ambassador I did recieve one or more items mention in this post free of charge in hopes I will love it so much I would want to share it with you. Although I hope you share the same experiance with your PinkBlush items as I do it is not guaranteed you will share the same love. 

Alyssa Waters

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