5 Newbie Mistakes to avoid when going to Disney

Florida means Disney right? 
Avoid these 5 Disney newbie mistakes. 

Living in Florida many would think going to Disney is a regular weekend thing for us but it wasn't until just a few months ago when I decided to purchase Annual Passes at 1 a.m in the morning. Before my fingers got happy and hit the purchase button for our annual passes on the Disney website I had been to Disney twice! My first trip to this magical place I was too young to remember and my 2nd time I had a blast but was 8 months pregnant with my second sweet little one so let's just say it didn't feel so magical at the time (no really I thought I was going to go into labor that day but wanted my son to enjoy his magical day). Based on that I think it's pretty safe to say I was a total Disney rookie and make a few mistakes our first day as Disney pass holders. 

Mistake 1) Bringing a larger Diaper Bag & no stroller (we brought our JJB B.F.F), if you bring a bag into any Disney park it will be searched (this can add onto your wait time to get into the park which is mentioned in Mistake 3). Bringing a bag and not having a stroller meant bringing our bag onto every ride with us and I found it getting in the way. 

Mistake 2) GET THOSE FAST PASSES! I didn't know these were a thing until we were already in the park, by the time we got our passes the rides with the shortest wait times were the only ones left and we were not able to get them for later times for the more popular rides which can have much longer wait times up to over an hour. It's best to get your Fast Passes days in advanced or those visiting Disney from another state can plan their fast passes out up to 60 days in advance when staying at a Disney hotel (30 days in advance if not staying at Disney). 

Mistake 3)  GO EARLY or LATER IN THE DAY we went in the afternoon on a weekend in the Summer which after going many times since our first visit I now realize this is the busiest time to get into the parks and going in the Summer, well you can imagine how much busier it gets. If you go at noon be prepared to wait from Trams to get from the parking lot, if you are visiting Magic Kingdom the wait time for the Monorail and Faerie can get pretty long. For shorter entry time go first thing in the morning or wait till around 3pm. Week days are also ideal if you really don't want to wait. 

Mistake 4) NOT KNOWING YOU CAN GET FREE WATER. Disney loves their guests which means they want to make sure you stay hydrated. You can get Free water from any of the Disney restaurants that offer fountain drinks. 

Mistake 5) DON'T OVER DO IT. Now I understand not everyone can get annual passes or multiple days in the Disney parks but do not try to jam a full day at all the parks. If you are only going for 1 day divide the day up and again plan ahead, spend the morning at one park (Epcot and Magic Kingdom are both accessible by riding the monorail, visiting Epcot first and then Magic could give you more time to visit the others), one park in the afternoon and then spend the rest of your day at the last park of your choice. Be sure to give yourselves some down time to rest those feet! 
Bonus: GET THOSE PINS. Disney knows your day is magical, from first Disney trips to Birthdays and even anniversary celebrations Disney wants to celebrate with you. Pick up a free pin from Main Street to let everyone know what you are celebrating at the most magical place on Earth. 

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Disney and I am not affiliated with Disney in any way. I want to share my experiance as a paying pass holder to help make your day at the parks that much more magical. 

Alyssa Waters

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