Spice up your hair with Flare Me by Clairol

If you have been following along on my blog for some time you may have noticed I love to be bold, bold with my hair that is; if you haven't been following me well now you know. Color doesn't scare me, okay maybe natural colors do a little, well not really scare me but they don't make me feel like me (hopefully that makes sense). I feel like we were all born to stand out & I do that with my choice of hair colors throughout the years, I was told it was just a faze in my teen years but here I am in my mid 20's and still at it with the forever changing of my hair color. 
The first color I tried from the new FlareMe collection by Clairol was Power to the Purple, now usually purple is my jam, my go to color for the past year or so but when I go for a purple tone I want it to be PURPLE (dang that's a lot of purple in one sentence) but this one gave off a much darker tone, almost like a brown with a hint of purple (there's that word again.). Do not get me wrong, I liked the outcome but I didn't love it. The color outcome could have been due to user error, usually when I dye my hair a fun, new color I start with a bleach blonde, this time I was starting with a coppery (is that even a word?) yellow tone which could most definately effect the final product. I really started to love this color a bit one once it faded out into something like a lavender color. 
Hair color: Power to the Purple
The second color I tried and LOVED (seriously this may just be my new forever hair color) was "Rose to the Occasion", this two toned color gave off a very vibrant pink with a hint of red depending on where the light hit. I will forever be thankful my 2.5 year old said "mommy color your hair pink." or else I would have never picked this color up as I am known for choosing purples and teals. As the color fades which it will with each wash (I really deep wash my hair once a week unless it's uber gross and then I will wash it twice a week) I find myself still loving the outcome, for some reason this color has definately faded less than the "power to the purple"

Now here are some extra photos of "Rose to the Occassion" because why not? It's amazing!

Disclosure: The products mentioned in this post were provided free of charge from Influenster and Clairol for testing purposes. 

Alyssa Waters

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