All Eyes on you bar/ table runner- DIY

Do it yourself & for cheap, cheap, cheap "All Eyes on You" Bar/ Table runner. 
 "All Eyes on You bar runner, perfect for your spooky Halloween goody bar. "
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, okay it is my favorite holiday. My family jokes that it is the one time of the year where I fit in and I am okay with that! 
Besides "fitting in" Halloween means Spooky crafts to decorate our apartment and today we made our first "All Eyes on You" bar runner, perfect for your spooky Halloween goody bar. 
What you need: 
Creepy Cloth ($1 at Dollar store) 
Googly Eyes ($1 at the Dollar store) 
Hot Glue Gun 
( I some how inherited 3 of these while my mother cleaned her house) 
You may also want some gloves to protect your fingers ( I burnt mine a few times today) 
Ready for the super hard part? Making it. Okay I lied this is one of the easiest things you will make in your entire life. 
1. Lay out your Creepy Cloth
2. Heat up your glue gun 
3. Choose googly eyes at random & put glue on the back 
4. Place eyes on your Creepy Cloth and push it down. (Ideally you will want to do this on a table or I used a piece of paper so the glue wouldn't go on my carpet) 

Put as many or as little eyes as you want! 
Happy Spooky Making

Alyssa Waters

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