Preparing for a unpredictable Hurricane

Living in a Hurricane prone state, we have had a fair share if prepping for these unpredictable storms. Unfortunately you can not just rely on hope when it comes to these storms, many times they end up just dumping a little rain down and scare us a whole lot before turning at the last minute but other times they have hit Florida and other states, leaving us devastated as a state as everyone tries to put their lives back together. In our home we have a saying "It's better to be over prepared then to not be prepared at all.", this is our way of saying there is not way to over do it but you can certainly under do it. We always say, you will end up using the supplies you buy for a Hurricane at some point, you just had to buy it in bulk this time. 

A lot of times people panic and wonder what they need to prep for a Hurricane. Being freshly stocked up as we await the outcome of Irma that is in the Atlantic we have put a list together for you. Please remember if there is any chance a Hurricane is headed your way stock up on these items a head of time, do not wait till the last minute, many are seeing some of the essentials are cleared off the shelves. 

What to buy: 
Water- This many be obvious but many forget when in a panic. If you can not buy bottles or jugs of water, fill your bathtubs up & use empty bottles to fill them up (it may not taste so great but it is better than no water). In the case of a major storm water can be out for days if not weeks, make sure you have water stocked somewhere in your home

Gas- Keep your gas tanks full the week before the Hurricane or storm is expected to hit. Many gas stations sell out of gas days before the storm, be prepared! 

Zip Lock Baggies- Use these to protect your Birth Certificates, Social Security cards, Insurance cards ect. Also use Zip Lock Bags to make baggies for each person, we fill 1 up for every member in the house with a flash light, glow sticks, Clorox wipes, travel tooth paste and tooth brush. 

Back Packs (Many people already have these)- Make sure everyone in your family has a backpack with their emergency baggie (mentioned above), a snack, water, & extra outfits. Keep these close to the door in case you end up having to leave last minute. 

Emergency kit- We buy all the supplies to make our own, included is children's benadryl, tylenol, band-aids,neosporin, ace bandages, bug spray, ich cream and hand sanitizer.

Extra food: You want lots of non-refrigerated and non-frozen food. Pick up things like canned tuna, crackers, bread, peanut butter (great for protein), canned fruit, squeeze pouches for the kids, protein bars ect.

Also be sure to stock up on things like flash lights, extra batteries, candles.
"It is never too early to be prepared"

It is never too early to be prepared. If your state has even the slightest chance of getting hit with a Hurricane please prepare ahead of time. It is always better to be "over prepared" then to not be prepared at all. Many people think they will have time to stock up on items needed during a major storm just days before but unfortunately many people are left without the essentials like water and nonperishable food due to wiped out shelves.

Always have a plan, know where to go in case of an emergency, know your evacuation route. Take shelter if needed or advised. Do not wait out a storm if you have been told to evacuate. If you choose to stay home, have a safe place in the home away from windows, usually this will be your bathroom or closet. 

Alyssa Waters

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