PinkBlush- From Date Day to Beach Day, all in the same size

Let's get real, we all want a store we can shop at for all our clothing needs. No one likes having to buy from multiple brands to have a wardrobe that fits every occasion, multiple stores means more places to guess our size which also means having a few sizes in your closet because brands can't seem to get in sync with one another. 

"No more guessing your size in each style, you really can buy the same size every time you order. "

PinkBlush seems to cater to us all, from pregnancy, postpartum, way after baby date night to a day at the beach, you can have it all from this stylish online boutique. What amazes me and has me hooked, No more guessing your size in each style, you really can buy the same size every time you order. 
 Date day comes once a month and only for a few hours while the baby spends some time with her nana by her request and this means this mama is getting all dressed up. On afternoon dates I want to feel beautiful, I want my mama belly to be hidden, I want to look like I spent time getting ready without over doing it & I want to be comfortable because I know in just a few hours I am driving to pick my toddler up; I got all of that in this stunning Trapeze dress from PinkBlush. As I walked down the streets of Historic Downtown appreciating it's beauty with my significant other I walked with my head held high, my dress swayed back and forth with every movement & I felt beautiful.

What's better than feeling beautiful in a dress? Having a dress that fits in every place. As I have mentioned before in past posts, I am a large chested woman and it seems like it's nearly impossible to find dresses to fit my chest while also fitting my mid section without it looking like I am wearing a tent. In most other brands I am forced to buy a size that is nearly 3 sizes larger than my midsection requires to just be able to have it fit my chest. That is certainly not the case with PinkBlush and this dress is no exception, I can not tell you how great it feels to buy a dress that fits everywhere, I do not know sort of magic they use but I can tell you that I am amazed at how everything I own from them all fits & everything is the SAME SIZE! 

Summertime means days by the pool, days at the springs and my toddlers favorite, days at the beach. I am a woman who loves to be covered at the beach, being honest I do not love the beach as much as my kid and I want to feel like comfortable while staying close to the shore. Dresses that are suitable for the beach but also running to any store is a essential piece in my closet & this simple Taupe Cutout Back Tassel Trim Dress is exactly what I would call the ideal every day dress that suits every situation. 

This dress is simple yet has all the perfect detailing., with a crisscross back & cream colored tassels at the bottom this is the perfect Summer dress.
I love that PinkBlush takes the guessing out of sizing, now I can order pieces for every occasion in all the same sizes. 

Disclaimer: As a PinkBlush ambassador the items described in this post were provided to me free of charge. 

Alyssa Waters

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