Hello Summer, hello perfect maxi dress- PinkBlush Draped Maxi

Hello Summer, hello perfect maxi dress. I finally found my perfect match & all you big chested women out there know what I am talking about, a dress that not only properly fits my mid section but the big girls up top. 

"PinkBlush knows that women come in all body types."

PinkBlush knows that women come in all body types and the Draped maxi dress is proof of that. This versatile maxi dress stretches in all the right places giving every woman the chance to feel confident in this beauty. It doesn't matter if you are small up top or like me, you have a little extra to cover; the draped maxi dress is cinched under the bust and has a lovely v-neck that it allows the top of this dress to sit across any chest no matter the size.  

As a mother and a big chested woman I often find it hard to find clothing that not only fits my true style but also fits my body and lifestyle.Maybe I ask for a lot when it comes to my wardrobe as it seemed nearly impossible to find pieces I love, I want to feel beautiful, confident & I want my clothing to truly fit my body all while being comfortable enough to play with my children; the Green Floral Draped Maxi Dress from PinkBlush gives me all of that.

Let's be honest here, I am in all means not tiny in my body frame, and the saying "it gets harder to lose after the first baby" when it comes to the baby weight is 100% true. In all fairness I haven't really tried to lose the rest of the baby weight from the "baby" who is now two and some days it does take a toll on me, let's just say some parts could use some toning. This stunning maxi dress flows over the rolls that are proof of the magic my body has made all while not hiding the curves that I now take pride in. What I love most about this fabulous dress is that my chest is covered without being suffocated, often I find that when a dress fits my mid section it squeezes my chest down which not only makes my chest look oddly shaped but it's uncomfortable, this dress also makes the perfect nursing piece as I can shift the top over and allow my toddler to nurse (I know I said at a year she was done, she decided otherwise).
I can almost guarantee you there will be more Draped Maxi dresses in my closet soon, this may have just become my staple piece.

Disclaimer: As a PinkBlush ambassador the items described in this post were provided to me free of charge. 

Alyssa Waters

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