PinkBlush After the Bump- Cross Front Chiffon Dress

Dressing the bump during your pregnancy and keeping to your personal style can be hard. Staying true to yourself and keeping your style can be even harder after the bump. 

I will be the first to admit I lost a bit of my confidence after the baby was born, after three kids my body simply did not look the same and dressing what used to be the cute little baby bump got harder. What's the saying, "Fake it till you make it."? I tried faking it and for a while I did really well at pretending that I was happy with the wardrobe of leggings and over-sized tees in my closet. Truth be told I convinced myself that I was but I never really felt beautiful when I would go out with my family, I felt presentable but never glowing with confidence. 

"Shopping for clothing became something I would dread."

Shopping for clothing became something I would dread, finding an article of clothing that I loved on the racks but once it was on my body I would I stand there in the fitting room picking the fabric that was wrapped around my belly wishing my body would magically go back to pre third child. 

I recently discovered PinkBlush what I thought was just for the special pregnancy days has a line of clothing for after the bump, even way after the glowing, big belly days. 

"I want to get dressed up and glow just like I did during my pregnancies."

Two years after giving birth I finally have my confidence back, I want to get dressed up and glow just like I did during my pregnancies. PinkBlush knows a woman doesn't need to give up style when she becomes a mother, they have proven that with their maternity line and has gone one step further with showing us they care with their line for the days with a child on or off our hip. 

 "I can turn heads for all the right reasons."

The Cross Front Chiffon Dress  flows in all the right places, hiding the post pregnancy belly while giving you the chance to shine bright with confidence. I may be a mom but I don't look like a mom (I hope that makes sense), I feel like I can turn heads for all the right reasons even without a cute toddler on my hip waving and saying hi to every passing stranger. Let's be real I am not tall by all means but my legs do appear to be longer than my number in height shows and  this dress shows off just enough leg to feel sexy without giving too much of a show to the world. The chiffon is very light weight and double lined so I can strut my stuff in the sun without exposing any skin I am trying to keep covered. This beauty is a must have staple piece in your wardrobe, dress it down for a summer day out with the kids or dress it up for a date night while the kids are at Grandma's. 

Alyssa Waters

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