Weestructed- motherhood on a tee (Or mug)

Holy [insert cuss word here] Weestructed, I've been stalking you for sometime, like hardcore fan girl stalk and for all the right reasons. You're amazing, everything I feel about motherhood you've said it, on a tee, on a mug, shoot it's even on pillow cases.

I finally went though this whole week of "treat yo self" so I decided to take this relationship you didn't know we had to the next level. I bought not one but two shirts from you and I ready want more, no not want, I need more.

For those of you who don't know what Weestructed is, it's time to pull up Instagram and find the shop. You wont regret it! Or just keep reading and then go fan-mom it up afterwords.

Being pretty well-known for the "Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting" line and one of the shirts I'd been wanting to get my hands on it only made sense it was first to be added to my cart. Then I kept scrolling, wanting to add everything to my cart I had to have a little self-control this time around, I added just one more, "Motherhood- Winging it" top.

What's so special about Weestructed? Um everything! Okay, really tho. This woman gets it, she gets that although motherhood is amazing, it's trying. You're constantly tired, there's really not enough coffee in the world keeping us from begging our tiny humans to take a nap that is if you are lucky to have a napper because I don't (p.s there's a Weestructed shirt for that too) and do we all really know what we are doing? Last time I checked there's no real guidebook to motherhood, we are all really just winging it as we go until we get something right and hope we end up raising a decent human being.

Thank you Weestructed for making it easy to say how I feel about motherhood without having to open up my mouth because I really am too tired to act like a socialized human. 

Disclosure: Oh the lovely note I must leave for you. This post is not sponsored by Weestructed although that would have been cool. I purchased the shirts mentioned above with my hard, earned mama money & thought I would share the awesomeness with you. Happy Shopping. 

Alyssa Waters

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