So you want out? 100% Buy Backs from Lularoe

I am at it again! Lularoe is trying to make right by their consultants wanting to leave the cult with 100% inventory buy backs or are they? They said it, it's in writing, all consultants have seen the change where Lularoe went from charging 30% for restocking to then saying they wouldn't take back inventory & now we have they will buy back all your inventory at 100% Wholesale value! Sounds amazing right, you have nothing to lose but do you? 

This email was sent directly to me, other consultants have received slightly different emails about the process & refunds. 

The Lularoe kool-aid drinkers are sipping this one up every time they see a ex- consultant trying to unload her inventory in a sale. Getting swarmed by consultants with this image about how to send back inventory that we purchased in full without any guarantee that she will in fact receive a full refund for ALL the inventory she sends back. Notice the key word "APPROVED" Lularoe has not specified what items are actually approved which is leaving consultants with a lot of unanswered questions as to why they are only refunded a portion of what is owed to them. What happens to those items that Lularoe doesn't account for? Nothing, they keep them, the consultant does not get the credit for those items and they will not send the items back to the consultant. If that isn't fraud I do not know what is. 
This consultant sent back 112 items to Lularoe and  they claim they only received 74 items. 

When Lularoe refuses to inform people why a consultant has only been credited for a portion of their returns you can not blame others for wanting a chance to sell off what they can, it's easier to send in a few peices and risk not seeing the money for those vs sending in 600+ pieces that may magically go missing while on their way to the Lularoe warehouse that has been mentioned by mommygyver for dirty work. What happens when you post those Going Out of Business posts? The claws come out from these sweet little kool-aid drinkers who believe that going out of business consultants are to blame for the Lularoe crash that is slowly burning. 
This consultant is attacked by others in the Lularoe business for trying to sell her inventory at discounted prices. (This is the nice stuff that was said.) 

Lularoe once again has convinced consultants who are still in the game that it is everyone's fault but Lularoe themselves for a decline in sales. Now without an official announcement (this is nothing new with Lularoe), if you try to sell any of your inventory at a discount to go out of business they will refuse to return any items left.  

Would you be willing to risk hundreds, if not thousands of dollars sending back inventory without a guarantee that it will all be accepted? If you would like to express your concerns about the way Lularoe has handled consultants returns please feel free to contact & let them know how you feel about they way they treat the women & families you buy from. 

Alyssa Waters

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