Mama needs her sleep too- DockATot GRAND

Co-Sleeping, it's part of the whole attachment parenting craze right? I mean let's be honest some moms want to sleep with their babies, it's part of their mama game plan since before babe was born. Then there is me, the woman three lovely children call  mama, ma, mom or whatever version of mother they want to use , I never planned to co-sleep with any of them yet I shared the bed with all three rays of sunshine. Co- sleeping means peace of mind for many of us, it means we are no longer standing over the crib at 3 am watching a tiny chest move up and down, it means getting to sleep while feeding (oh come on, admit it), & it means waking up to two big, peeping, beautiful eyes in the morning that just scream "I love you". 
Co-sleeping also means transitioning your child into their own bed, if you have experienced this, you know it is no simple task; it may even be worse than potty training! DockATot makes that step in motherhood a little bit easier, call it your easier button. Now that I know about Dock-a-tot, I have one regret, I regret not knowing about this magical thing and maybe if I had known about it we wouldn't just be getting the crazy tot in her own bed at 2. DockATot knows what parents need, something to keep babe close but give them their own space, coming in two sizes the DockATot really helps with transitioning a baby or a toddler.

What is DockATot?
"DockATot™ is a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere. Created with love in Sweden with a strict emphasis on design and comfort."

DockATot Grand in Minty Trellis  

We had the honor of trying out the DockATotGRAND, the toddler size that helps transition your toddler to their own bed. Now I'll  be honest I waited a little long to get the little miss in your own bed and the Dock-A-Tot is no crazy voodoo magic so it has taken us a bit of time & we are still working on the whole "Stay in your bed" thing but this mama will take even just a few hours of her sleeping alone. It takes time, for some shorter than others, we may even be on the WAY longer than others side but I am really starting to enjoy 3-4 hours of sleep without feet or fist in my face. What's better than a few hours of sleep at night without a toddler laying across your chest? A few hours of freedom during the day while it's nap time! If that isn't a total win for a mom who is used to being pinned down for at least an hour every day while she has things to do, then I do not know what is.

There's a reason why DockATot can't seem to keep their magical baby/toddler sleeping trainers,loungers, & pure snuggle bliss ; they are simply,well magical & gives mom a chance to win her bed back.

Disclosure: Sunshine State Mom was provided the product mentioned in this post free of charge in order to conduct a honest post. We have tested this product to the full extent to bring you information & a review. No other payment was provided to us. We hope you too will share the same experience but know that your opinions and experiance may differ from ours. 

Alyssa Waters


Sara said...

This is a great product.

Barrie Mac said...

What a neat product for parents. Our little one slept with us till she was much older but I love this for parents that move their kids earlier to their beds. Very nifty!