Lularoe: What I wish I knew then that I know now

Lularoe, you've heard of it by now unless you are living under a rock or don't have the internet but you're reading this so I'm going to assume those don't apply to you; heck I've even blogged about it. What you may not know is I became a Lularoe Consultant in February and if I had known what I know now I would have ran away faster than you can say "butta leggings".

Lularoe is not the rainbow and unicorn farts consultants and the CEO's make it out to be. You won't become rich, you don't and won't own your own Lularoe business and this certainly isn't a business about empowering women.

The number one thing you hear about becoming a Lularoe Consultant is about how much you will make after you spend $4K plus to start up. You will hear about how many women quit their jobs because they are now making so much money selling ugly printed leggings and stripped dresses that don't line up, the husbands who quit their jobs because now a stay at home mom is making so much moolah that hubby no longer has to work his 9-5 job. This consultant bought a car, this one bought a house or how about Sally who paid off all her debit. Sounds amazing right? How do you become a consultant?
 I'm sure Jenny from the block really did do those  things when Lularoe was selling like hot cakes but lets look at the 90,000 plus Lularoe Consultants, why isn't this world floating with families who are debt free and parking their brand new car in the driveway of their new home? The answer is Lularoe got greedy and took $4.5K+ a day from 400-500+ families everyday who wanted to do better and said "here's a bunch of crap that doesn't sell and go make some money, think like a retailer but don't you dare run a sale or promo, don't advertise any kind of deal and don't you dare go looking for customers." Sure there's a few who sell the heck outa Lularoe, shoot I'm one of them, making back my entire investment in 3 weeks but did I really make it all back when I had to keep buying new inventory to continue selling? The simple answer is, I made some money but I was not going to become rich and I am one of the very lucky few.

Calling you a business owner does not make you a business owner if you are following someone else's rules. This one irritated me as I watched "motivational" live videos on the CEO telling us all to stay positive as we are watching sales consistently drop across the board with their "This is your business, run it like your business and if  business isn't doing well look and see what you're doing or what you aren't doing." At one moment consultants were even called "stale" and told our customers were "stale". When you become a Lularoe Consultant you are given a long list of things you can not do to follow P & P just like you get when you are hired by a company, you must follow their rules because you are a employee, Lularoe gets away with not giving you a steady pay check or medical benefits by calling you a "independent consultant". At the end of the day you do what Mark and DeAnne tell you to do or you will get reported by another consultant in hopes to get your contract terminated, kind of like the jealous co-worker who wants all your hours.

Now we have empowering women. If you mean having women worry if they say the wrong word or make the wrong person upset then call me empowered. As a consultant I was walking on egg shells to make sure I was up to date on every P & P update Lularoe liked to spring on us without announcing  anything to  the consultants on the bottom of the Lularoe ladder. If you don't have 40 consultants under you then you won't know about any changes, you will have to find those out on all the facebook group pages that are dedicated to putting Lularoe the company on blast & for good reason, but you know consultants aren't suppose to be in those groups in fear we will stop drinking the kool-aid. Call me hater-aid now because the Kool-aid is stale (thanks Mark for that word.) Lularoe has put the blame on all these woman including myself that they were claiming to empower & their "encouragement" to us was to only convince our mothers, sisters, best friends sisters best friend to join Lularoe, sure if you aren't selling this crap just make some money off of their order & call that selling. Again if sales dropped it is YOUR fault, not the 9 lawsuits, not the holes in leggings, nope its your fault & Lualroe will be sure to drill that into your head during every "lift you up" video. 

Claiming their business is based on morals, being a Mormon based company with their "BLESS someone today" you would think Lularoe was about building people up but at the end of the day it was about filling the owners pockets with the Billion dollars they claim consultants have made just since January 2017 but what they aren't showing is the thousands of woman who are now thousands of dollars in debt. Lularoe is greedy and sadly so many women, including myself were suckered in when they are told "you are going to better your lives and your families lives", at the end of the day I made out with a few extra bucks, a few more grey hairs & bigger bags under my eyes from all the missed sleep stressing over what changes they were going to make next & needing those few extra dollars that I couldn't miss someones "sold" comment on a item and I am one of the few lucky ones. 

Think before you LulaNo 

Alyssa Waters

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Dianna said...

Sorry you had such a hard experience with it. I have never purchased a pair of Lularoe leggings but I have friends who are obsessed with them! I have been an independent consultant for a different company (Arbonne) and LOVED it, but it was definitely hard work. I couldn't do my fulltime job and keep up with my Arbonne business, too, so had to let it go. I still use their products because I really do think they are fabulous.