This is 25 with kids

Let me paint a pretty picture in your head, you're twenty-five, kid-less, your only responsibilities are going to work and paying your bills (unless you're 25 and living with mom and dad still). Okay okay let's erase that picture because that's not reality for myself  and many other twenty-five year olds. It was pretty for a moment but let's get real here, being twenty something with kids rocks even if there are plenty of days where it's a complete poo show.

I became a mother younger than a lot of women which shockingly isn't as common as many like to think it is. Here I am twenty five, a mother to three and going through a mid, mid life crisis. Yes it's a real thing, I mean I'm pretty sure it is and if it isn't, I am making it a thing. Two weeks ago I hit the big two, five and I cried; called my mama up and balled like a baby cried. I know what you're thinking "you are 25, you're still a baby, you haven't lived life yet." Right? Yeah I know I'm pretty close because I hear that all the time but my feelings are still valid.

See here's the thing, the reason for this clustered mess of emotions about being twenty five, sure my skin is still young, I still have time to butter myself up with lotions and facial serums to help prevent wrinkles that are to come in the next few years but I've done all the things you plan in your twenties. Most of my twenty something year old friends are just finding their "one and only, soul mate, sweetie pie honey buns", they are just thinking about moving in with their significant others. Many are settling into their jobs & the thought of buying a home hasn't hit just yet because the tiny apartment they are living in or home they share with three roommates is enough for them. Almost half of the people I know are just planning their first child (planning? What's that?)

Then you have me, twenty- five, three kids, running my own business (yes I have a job and not just a blog), buying our first home at the end of the year (assuming we find one I love), & married-ish. I lived my life, I mean I am still living but my idea of having a good time has changed to zoo trips and walks around the parks with my children. I quit drinking three years ago after I stopped getting carded because apparently I looked old enough to legally drink (dear all that is holy, I hope I don't look my age but I mean really I probably look older thanks to the children).

Twenty- Five with kids ROCKS and I wouldn't change a moment. There are no more nights out that I am worried about my friend having a few too many drinks and having to hold her up to shove her in the back of the car only to hear her cry about being too drunk; instead I am snuggled up to a farting toddler who is cracking up over her booty making sounds which I too find to be funny (okay maybe  I still am a child at heart). No more friends calling you up to ask to borrow ten dollars that you will never see again, instead I have the friends calling up to rant about their mad houses which I will take over lending money because hello that's my hard earned $10. Twenty five with kids is just like being 40 or 50 with kids but the major upside of having them while you're young is when they are in college they can call me up while I am on vacation surrounded by cute cabana boys bringing me those frozen drinks I haven't had since I was twenty-two. This is 25 with kids and it's pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Alyssa Waters

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