Lillebaby Complete Vs Ergo 360

Woohoo it's another baby carrier post! Our favorite here at Sunshine State Mom and this time we are comparing the Lillebaby Complete verses the Ergo 360. We definitely have a favorite out of the two and if you read our "Ergo 360, WHY?" post you definitely know why. If you didn't read that you may just want to or you can keep reading this post to find out why we prefer our Lillebaby Complete over the Ergo 360.
I like to keep things pretty simple around here and make things clear so you won't have to do much guessing about what makes each carrier different. So, I went ahead and made a fancy little chart for you to compare the Lillebaby Complete to the Ergo 360 but if charts aren't your thing that's cool too just keep reading. *see chart below*

Lillebaby Complete (All Seasons in the Hedgehog print)
The Lillebaby Complete was designed to never require an infant insert and is suitable for babies 7 lbs to 45 lbs (so pretty much I could wear a newborn and my 7 year old in this carrier). That's right I said, NO INFANT INSERT EVER! The Complete easily goes from a wide based carrier to a narrow based carrier making it perfect for your little squash. Once they out grow the narrow setting (around 8 months some take a little longer) put your carrier back in wide and you are all set to continue your babywearing journey. All Lillebaby Completes are designed for Front Facing, Back carries, Hip Carries and Forward Facing. That's right, letting your little one explore the world without facing you is an option in the complete. The Complete is very user friendly and easy to put on. The complete is designed with a simple buckle waistband so you just clip it together around your waist and pull the strap if you need to adjust it to fit your body. I don't know about you, but as a mom I like things to be as easy as possible for me. The big winning point for me with the Lillebaby Complete is the actual panel that again is designed for both infants (in narrow) & toddlers (in wide). My toddler gets a great amount of coverage in the Complete (which is Lillebaby's Standard size carrier) at 34 inches tall she still has a lot of support under her legs so she isn't being forced to hold them up herself. Also, she still has a lot of growing to do before the Complete wouldn't give her that leg coverage.
BONUS: All Lillebaby Completes come with a Lumbar Support
Detachable Hood
The All Seasons Pictured has a zip down center to expose a 3D Mesh to allow a breeze in or keep babe from getting too warm
PRINTS, PRINTS, & more PRINTS ( I am a sucker for prints)

Ergo 360
The Ergo 360 was designed to be suitable for babies 7lbs to 33lbs and requires an infant insert from 7 pounds to 12 pounds (sold separately). The 360 has what Ergo calls a bucket seat, which is suppose to help keep your baby ergonomically seated in all 4 positions (with knees even to or above hips, with baby's spine in curved "C" position). Button adjustments let parents adapt the seat width to the baby's size & position (I personally didn't see a big different in the size of the seat when completely buttoned in or out). The waistband on this carrier is wide and velcros to fit your body which can be a bit harder to get that perfect fit and tightness to ensure a proper fit before putting baby in. The Ergo 360 does have padded strap, but there is a good 4-4.5 inches that are not padded. I really wish those few inches had even a slight bit of padding for extra comfort. I am no carrier expert, but I find carriers with completely padded straps to be more comfortable to the wearer. For me, it some how evenly distributes babies weight so the wearer is not feeling babes weight pulling the carrier down and essentially pulling all the weight down on your shoulders. With this carrier you may wear baby/ your toddler facing into your, forward facing, on your hip in a hip carry or in a back carry.

Hood (non detachable but has a zippered pocket to tuck it away)
Button up headrest.

Now that you've got the low down comparing each carrier which will you choose? The Lillebaby Complete or the Ergo 360?

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