Ergo 360, WHY?

By now it may be clear to you that I am pretty obsessed with babywearing if you read my blog (does anyone really do that, goodness I hope so), so I was excited to try out the Ergo 360. Oh man, oh man, do I have a few opinions about this carrier & you are the lucky ones who get to hear my rant.

Okay ya'll I had an Ergo Original that I liked, I wasn't completely in love with it but I could wear my baby, it gave her great support for a while and over all it did what I wanted. So, overall I couldn't say anything horrible about Ergo, but the Ergo 360... my question is "WHY Ergo, Why?"I would sit here and list all the things that I loved about the Ergo 360, but there weren't very many positive things about the design if I am being completely honest. I think this carrier could be good for babies 12lbs -20lbs and on the shorter side, but not for babies/ toddlers much larger than that. Even with the narrow based panel all the way buttoned in you are still supposed to use an infant insert from 7-11 pounds which upsets me because let's be real here that's a few weeks so you just spent $25 on something you are only using a few times and that's on top of the $159.99 you just spent on the carrier by it's self. Then for bigger babies or toddlers this design just doesn't do it for me, there isn't enough coverage under their legs so your kid is either holding their own legs up in that "M" position if they have been worn in other carriers or they are going to dangle which can not possibly be comfortable. My toddler is 23 lbs & 34 inches and the Ergo 360 is definately not a carrier I would walk around with her in. Plus, this thing hurts my shoulders. My 23 pounder is not a heavy toddler, but putting her into the Ergo 360 made me feel all of her weight pulling down which is not a good thing in my opinion. I instantly knew any longer than a few minutes I would not be able to wear this carrier.

Panel sizing wasn't my only issue/ dislike about the Ergo 360, let's talk about the waistband on this carrier for a second, I just do not get it. I really want to try to understand what Ergo was thinking when they decided "Let's make the waistband 100% velcro", that's right I said it, it's velcro. Um hello what about my clothes?!? If you don't line this thing up perfectly and be very careful putting it on it's going to snag my clothes (which it did on my dress the first time I tried it out). Then you have this tiny strap that you must clip, I really don't understand how this is possibly going to add to the safety of the waistband & felt like it was obsolete but I'm all for added safety features.

Now ya'll my opinion may not mean much but my child's means a whole lot to me and when she was yelling "put me down mommy, mommy it hurts, put me down." I knew the Ergo 360 wouldn't be in our home much longer. I felt so bad trying to get her in to play around and see if we could work on the fit to get comfortable but no matter what I did neither of us were happy or felt comfortable.Now for listing the positives about this carrier.... I Can think of two.*You don't have to use the insert as long with the 360 as you are recommended to with the Original Ergo or any carrier that requires an insert for infants*You can Forward Face in the 360.
So Ergo, Why? Why did you design the 360 like this? There is so much room for improvement on this carrier.

*This post is not sponsored by Ergo. I was not compensated for this post that was conducted to share my own personal opinion and experience with this product

Alyssa Waters

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Love your honesty! Thank you