Milk Memories DNA Jewelry- A Gift She Will Hold Close to Her Heart Forever

A girl encounters many life changing moments throughout her journey into womanhood. When we become women we have memories we cherish, we hold onto fabrics and flowers that hold special meaning to us. We reminisce in or children's births and many of us hold onto the memories of holding our babies close to our bare chest to breastfeed. The issue is those fabrics and rose petals get thrown in a box somewhere in our closet, the breastfeeding journey turns to a short story as we show our strength. Milk Memories DNA Jewelry turns those special keepsakes into stunning jewelry that you can hold close and dear to your heart.  
I am a women who has many memories. The moments that helped mold me into the woman I am today, the mother that nourished 3 beautiful children for nearly 4 years of my life. I am a mother, a super woman, a life force and a fighter. Milk Memories gave me something to show my pride around my neck, a crystal I designed and included my liquid gold in. 
Milk Memories allows you to design YOUR piece. Every piece of jewelry is unique like you and your special moments in life. Morgan the beautiful, warm welcoming woman behind Milk Memories has made a easy process to make your exclusive ring, necklace, beads or earrings. I was simply amazed as how easy it was to design my crystal, I picked the style I wanted, added it to my cart and a pop up appeared that gave me shimmer, specks and inclusion options. After my order was put in it was time to send my precious inclusion, for me it was an ounce of freshly pumped breast-milk to wear a small piece of such a empowering moment in my life, a piece of me that I want to hold close forever. You can choose to include breastmilk, fabric, ashes, flowers, pieces from babies first hair cut and so much more, you choose to send what you want to hold close forever. 

Words can not describe the feeling that rushed over me when I opened my perfectly wrapped box that revealed such a meaningful necklace. In an instance my breastfeeding journey rushed through my mind, this crystal represented the hundreds of times I cried and questioned myself, it represented the blood it took when I began each journey as I tried to help my babies get the perfect latch and my nipples cracked, this simple crystal amplifies the beauty of my body as it shows off the milk that nourished each of my children. The wire reminds me of a birds nest, I am the mother who built the nest that my children are safe in, my milk made sure my baby birds never went hungry and one day I will release my children into the world when they grow up but I will always have this reminder of the safe haven I built for them. 
Milk Memories is an affordable, 100% customization brand starting at just $55

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Alyssa Waters


Excitation System said...

Nice article, thank you for the sharing

Gisele said...

What an amazing idea! I had no idea this existed. Both my daughters have recently had babies. I need to check this out.

Carmen Rudnick said...

These are gorgeous!! I had a breastmilk necklace made with a lock of my son's hair a few years ago and I'm dying to get one for my breastfeeding journey with my daughter which is coming to an end :(

Chels M. said...

This is such an interesting, wonderful idea! I'll have to keep this in mind when my husband and I decide to start our family. <3

Rebekka Murray said...

These are amazing and something I wish I knew about this when I had my Little. I had a hard time trying to breastfeed and could only do it for the first few weeks but this would have been amazing for that short special time I had