Lularoe best Gift this year?

Alright guys I am not going to sit here and lie to you, I'm going to keep it real to the max. Lularoe..You've likely heard about it by now those buttery soft leggings and stretchy dresses that just fit everyone magically. Maybe your best friend hosts a pop up or even your sister in law became a consultant, my point is if you haven't heard of Lularoe you likely live under a rock because my life is full with it. 

Here's the break down YES leggings are on the higher end of price at a whopping $25 a pair, sure you can get leggings at Walmart for $4.88 (but they aren't soft, they won't last and everyone and their mother buys them while picking up milk) . Forget about price, I'd spend $50 on a pair (shush don't tell Lularoe that) . I too said TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR LEGGINGS! THAT'S JUST SILLY (okay I didn't use the word silly) but then the buttery soft leggings were hugging my thighs and I just wanted to run my fingers over them again and again, I even found myself wanting to tell people to touch them because no really they are that soft. After that first pair touched my skin I knew that the price was no longer an issue for me, I even found myself trying new Lularoe styles like their Carly and Julia dress. the leggings were a gateway for me. I felt so comfortable, like I never changed from my most comfortable pj's but didn't look like I was in pj's, I always looked like I put effort into getting dressed. 

Now that you know my cheap self even pays for these cloud soft leggings we need to talk about prints. Get ready for your newest addiction. I found myself in group after group and being sent to new groups from consultants to hunt down unicorns (Prints that are highly sought after and so magical they are like unicorn horn dust, they are rarely seen). Prints seem to play a HUGE part in Lularoe and the way consultants handle business, they are like one giant team helping each other out with new customers because they want YOU to be happy. I can not tell you how many women I have talked to who also love how most of the Lularoe community is. 

How do you know who to buy from? You may choose to shop with someone local, who will let you into their home to play dress up and try on all the styles to see how each one fits. You may also just order online from Facebook Pop-Ups where the consultant show off all their inventory in a group and you type Sold (sometimes you need to be fast). I for one like to mix it up but I do love a good recommendation so I am going to make one for you Meghan is wonderful! She is localish to me here in Florida but we have done everything together online. I recently hosted what they call Pop-Up parties and I earned some magical Lularoe for free. Meghan does things a little bit differently than a lot of other consultants, she offers Unicorns to those who host pop ups instead of letting people fight over them during a sale. She also offers 1 free item for every 10 that are sold. You sell 20 lula pretties, bam you've got 2 pretties for yourself for free. She has a special group where she sells limited edition prints (I guess really all Lularoe prints are limited) so if you want the big goodies you will want to join her VIP group 

Moral of this story. Stop letting the price be a deciding factor. Buy your first pair of leggings and be prepared to have a new addiction 

Alyssa Waters

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