Toddler Carrier Comparison Chart

It's not just for babie! We are huge fans of Toddler Wearing around here and compared the biggest of the big kid carriers (LILLEbaby, Kinderpack, Tula and Lenny Lamb) . These carriers all have high weight limits and are great options for your toddlers, preschool aged kids and even school aged kiddos. We've taken out the work for you and broke down each carrier specs to help you choose the right carrier for you and your toddler. 
*Kinderpack Toddler Carrier specs updated* 

 When Shopping for a carrier it is best to choose one that fits your child  *now* rather than one to grow into (Unless you fall in love with a print that you just have to have and put it away).  It it important to have a proper fitted carrier, one that is too large can become a safety concern. Remember you want your child's head to be visible in the panel and your child should be able to sit in the seat without any bunching behind their knees. Sitting knee to knee is no longer necessary once your child is walking, you just want to make sure their knees can bend freely without scrunching the seat. Be sure to always check the manufacturers sizing prior to using your carrier for your child. 

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Alyssa Waters

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