Lillebaby Essentials Vs. Lillebaby Complete

Babywearing and Toddler wearing are dear and close to my heart and I tend to share a lot of our experiance with you all. Over the last year a wonderful brand came into our home and never left, it fact it's keeps multiplying here. I've shared the wonderful baby carrier company Lillebaby on here a few times and you can see that I love to spam my social media accounts with these beautiful carriers. Recently Lillebaby released New Essentials that shocked all of their fans, they had released the Essentials around a year ago in one print and then stopped production. It seems that all the request for the Essentials to come back and be available in more prints was heard and Lillebaby made us all happy.  
Along with the Essentials Carriers Lillebaby released their first Infant Insert and Infant Pillow.
Now if you have read our other posts about these wonderful carriers you know they come in different styles, the most popular for a bit was the Complete (it may still be) and that does not require an infant insert so why would Lillebaby release one? 

The Essentials: 
Some consider this to be Lillebaby's "budget friendly" carrier. The price on these beauties are only $89.99 for the Original and $99.99 for the All Seasons. 
*They DO require an infant insert if you are wearing a New born and or a Infant Pillow. They do not have an adjustable seat to make it to a narrow based carrier this is why an insert is required for smaller babies. 
*They do not have a added headrest however the panel is a little bit longer giving more room up by the neck 
*PFA straps (Personal Fit Adjusters) The straps can easily be adjusted to suit the wearers comfort needs. (see video below on how these work)
*Nice LARGE pocket 
*The Hood in not detachable 

The Complete: 
The complete comes in 4 options, Airflow $125- $130, All Seasons $150, Original $130 and Essentials $170. 
*All the Completes DO NOT require the infant insert due to the adjustable seat that goes from Wide to Narrow 
*Had a clip up Headrest for more coverage and a head support 
*Detachable Hood
*Has a pocket (size depends on style)
* Includes Lumbar Support 

*Disclaimer time! This post does include Affiliate links where I may be compensated if you want a purchase. One or more of the items described in this post may have been provided free of charge for testing purposes. . 

Alyssa Waters

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