The day Amazon turned the world upside down

It's been popping up in your news feed all day, it made it's way onto your daily Reddit check, and it scoured Twitter. Amazon has rocked the internet once again with it TOS changes which is really nothing new this year. Today Amazon released a statement saying that you can not recieve an item free or discounted in exchange for an honest review and boy did they stir the poo pot with this one, people went wild. 

Amazon seems to like getting everyone worked up with their vague wording, they just love to leave out the details about what is actually allowed. Today's poo pot stiring stick was definately one that created a bunch of unneeded havoc and it took up my entire Facebook feed today so I missed lots of cute baby and puppy pictures. 

After seeing the run around all day I have so good news for those effected by today's announcement. It is true that you receiving an item in exchange for a review is against Amazons TOS however that does not mean it's the end to getting those "freebies" and lovely discounts. What it all comes down to is wording, this is your key to keep those accounts and goodies flooding your door step and taking up your living room. 
Cans and Can'ts to contiune reviewing on Amazon 
Can: Any seller can contact you to offer you a lovely discount or a Free item. 
Can't Do: A seller can not Ask you to leave a review

Can: You can leave a review on your free or discounted products 
Can't: State you got the item free in EXCHANGE for your honest review. 

A Review can not be required for this generosity that the seller has provided to you. Ultimately leaving a review is completely up to you and you can not be bribed to do so.

Alyssa Waters

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