Life Doesn't have to Stink with Fresh Wave {Giveaway}

Life can get a little funky, I mean down right smelly. From stinky shoes to dirty diapers smells can surround our homes no matter how clean we try to keep them.
Fresh Wave believes that life doesn't have to stink and have the solution to all the funk that may be in your home, car or even gym bag. This all natural line of deodorizers will not only make your home smell fresher but will keep your mind at ease that you aren't spraying or releasing chemicals into the air.

"Life Doesn't Have to Stink"

I had seen Fresh Wave on the shelves at Target almost every trip I made down the household aisle and honestly thought "I have essential oils at home I can just use" since I'm just that kind of person. I mean essential oils are all fine and dandy until you walk into the bathroom that your oil diffuser has been going in and you are over whelmed with the scent of french lavender or frankincense and you have to fill everyday and turn back on multiple times a day. I am also that person who gets paranoid with having something plugged in going 24 hours a day because you are just masking the smell with your oils.
Trying out Fresh Wave has changed my mindset about "if it's made from essential oils I can just do it myself" and convinced me making that trip to Target to pick up just a bit of spray, pods and gel works much better and is way easier to get ride of the smells in our guest bathroom where we hide the diaper pail and our car.
The Spray:
Perfect for every room you walk into. This likes to hang out in our kitchen but travels to which ever room it's needed in. With a light scent there isn't enough to really cover smells but some how it removes them. I don't know what kind of magic it works but boy does it.
Oder Removing Gel:
The container looks like it's a candle but the gel goodness doesn't need any help getting the scent out. This beauty hung out in our guest bathroom since it can use all the help it can get with our diaper pail hiding in there. Our gel lasted about 40 days which I will take since I know where was a whole lot of oder causing bacteria in there.
Oder Removing Packs: 
Now these are my favorite! These small packs full of bead like material really do take out the oder in any space you place them. My personal favorite spot for them is in the car, with the kids snacks and spilled juices things can get a little funky in there. These are also great to place in the diaper pail under the lining to help the order from escaping.

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Alyssa Waters

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