Logan and Lenora has your day covered {Giveaway}

Mom's are always on the go and Logan and Lenora knows just that! It doesn't matter if you planned a day out like a trip to the beach or youre a cloth diaperong mom who needs a bag for those dirty diapers, these Logan and Lenora wet bags have you covered for all kinds of wet clothing. 
Logan and Lenora has every mom covered for all outings. Plan a day at the beach with their standard wet bag to keep all these wet bathing suits from having a play date with your car floor or soaking  everything in your bag. Even if you have something bigger planned for the day bring your large wet bag to cover the entire day full of dirty or wet clothing. With the waterproof inner lining you don't have to worry about any leaking to help protect your diaper bags. 
One of my favorite Logan and Lenora wet/ dry bags is the petite clutch, as a stay at home who likes to take mini outings this stylish clutch is perfect for what I need. In the larger section of this bag you have the waterproof lining thats great to store an extra cloth diaper in in case of an emergency where the small zipper is perfect for my phone and house keys. When it's time for a diaper change, take the clean diaper out and store the dirty diaper in your pouch without having to worry about the stink making it's way around you, this wet/ dry clutch keeps in the stink like no other. The best part about the diaper clutch is that its water proof! Once it's bath time for this beauty I can just throw it in the wash on diaper laundry day and leave it out to dry. 
The large wet bag has become our new in home dirty diaper bag. I am one of those mamas who do not do laundry every day, lets be honest who wants to wash diapers every day? Instead I was every 2-3 days and can easily store 20 dirty diapers in the large wet bag. Just hang it right by the changing table, throw your stinky diaper in and zip it up. 

Logan and Lenora has become this moms favorite cloth diapering family friendly brand. 

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Alyssa Waters

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