Every Day Planner's Dream Come True- Capri Design's Sarah Watts Collection (+Giveaway)

The stationary world can get pretty serious and Capri Designs gets that! Capri Designs offers you a range of stationary, planning gear and accessories that will make any planner and fashion obsessed woman happy. What's even better than cute planners to capture all your plans and ideas, along with a bag to carry it all in? MATCHING stationary, planners and bags. Obsessed with foxes, there's a planner, pad-folio, note cards, sketchbook, Carryall Bag (backpacks, Weekender bag & more) for you; obsessed with elephants, well you get the point. Capri Designs and designer Sarah Watts teamed up to bring you a collection of bags and stationary covered in prints with your favorite animals so you can plan and pack for all your daily tasks. 
I am one of those people who may or may not have a slight case of OCD and I want everything to go together. If it doesn't match then it doesn't stay in my collection. This is the case for stationary, handbags, notebooks, you name it, if it doesn't go together it doesn't get seen by the outside world and gets hidden away in a dark place by my work area so no one can see it. 
When I found Capri Designs and saw EVERYTHING matches in their collections I knew it was a match made in heaven for me. Capri Designs called my name day after day saying "YOU NEED ME, BUY ME". With my love/ need for everything to go together and my obsession with cute prints I have been tempted to buy one of everything including all the planners, notepads, note cards, sketchbooks, and every bag (there are a lot to choose from) from each print choice. The Sarah Watts collection is full of prints that include everyone's favorite animals and when I saw the Fox I just knew I couldn't live with out it. This sly fox print grabbed my attention from the moment I saw it and it screamed my name over and over again so it was a no brainier this set would be mine. Sarah Watts designed stationary for animal lover, from crabs to owls there is a planner and matching carry bag for you. 

Besides adorable prints, Carpi Designs offers you quality. Padfolios that won't start to fall apart from the moment you open it up to write down a memo. Even the sketchbook has a binding that feels like it can't be broken. When it comes down to the Carryall bag, it easily became one of my everyday bags, this is one of those handbags I would spent top dollar for since not only is it covered in foxes but it's made better than some of my more expensive purses and it carry's not only my daily essentials but my children's essentials. Now my only issue with the Sarah Watts collection from Capri Designs is that my significant other doesn't believe I need every print available. 

Want a chance to win the whole set pictured above? Fill out the entry form for your chance to win. 
Capri Designs Sarah Watts Fox

Alyssa Waters


Jamie Hammel said...

This is so cute! I would love this to help keep me organized!

Carmen Rudnick said...

Gorgeous set!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I want it.

Bubby's Mommy said...

Thank you for the awesome chance!

Heather Stone said...

😍😍 Absolutely love the print..it's foxes!! What an amazing prize pack

Jen G said...

Why have I never come across your blog before? This is beautiful!