An open letter to the Mom yelling at her children

Dear Fed Up Mom,
As you tell your child for the 20th time to stop it you begin to raise your voice, we can hear that you are fed up. Your child is on your last nerve and we are watching you. Just know that you are not alone, we have all been there at some point and some of us more than others. I get it, you need a break. 
Sure talking sweet to your child as she pushes your face away may seem like she's just having fun and playing with you to others but when you finally hit your breaking point and sternly tell your child to "cut it out" the lady beside you starts to stare. I've been the woman staring as you show in your face and tone that you have simply had enough, I do not glance at you to shame you but to tell you I hear you, that I understand how you are feeling. I've been where you are too many times to count, I'm lucky if I haven't had to raise my voice at least once a day. I am no way judging you as I flash a slight smile at you, it's my way of saying I've been there and you likely just missed my little snap as my 1 year old pulls my hair from the carrier behind me. I've been there more times than I count and it won't stop till they are all moved out and on their own.
Yell away mama, show your children who is boss and makes the rules. Talking sweet to your children is meant for when they are acting sweet, not acting up.

To the mom yelling at her kids just know you are not alone. 

Alyssa Waters


Jen G said...

I love this!


be there done that and still going through this great article