Top 10 Things A Babywearing Mom Hears

1. Oh you have one of those "things", can't you just put your child in a stroller? 
Sure I could put my baby is a stroller. Would you like to assist me with taking the bulky stroller out of my trunk multiple times a day as I run errands and complete my shopping? 

2. Is that really safe? 
This is one of those comments/ remarks that you get often with a younger baby. I can still remember the days with each of my children as newborns in the stretchy wraps and complete strangers insisting that the carrier was not safe for my child and that they weren't able to breath. For some odd reason people thought I was sufficating my baby as I was trying to keep the hands and stinky breath of strangers away from my newborn. 

3. *whispers from afar but close enough to where you can hear them* Oh look she doesn't want to carry her baby. 
I sure am carrying my child just in a more convenient way to complete my shopping without switching a baby from one arm to another as her weight starts to take a toll on my hips and arms. I don't have to struggle with a 20 lb toddler who likes to wiggle her way out my arms so she can run free throughout the store like a baby tornado 

4. Just let your baby walk instead of putting her in "That thing" 
I love this one! Let me put my little ball of fire down as I do my shopping as she spreads her fury around the store. 

5. You are spoiling that baby by constantly carrying them like that. 
Thank you for your concern but babies don't spoil eggs and milk do. 

Now don't let the negative Nancy's scare you from keeping them close and carrying all the babies. You won't be surprised to find out there are more supporters of babywearing including your baby.

6. Silence from a sleeping baby. 
This is a non sound you will cherish when those moments of teething and growth spurts begin to happen. Keeping them close in your carrier or wrap will save you from insanity that screaming will bring. Pop baby in your carrier and just let the magic begin! 

7. Baby boomers! 
Believe it or not most older parents are very supportive of your baby bonding time. You will hear lots of "one of those would have made things a lot easier when my kids were young."
Thank you for seeing that I am trying to bond with my baby while conquering daily duties. 

8. She/he looks comfy in there
Many will notice that if your child isn't screaming it's likely due to being comfortable and happy. 

9. Your significant other thanking you for taking care of your daily duties all while taking care of your baby. 
This is a big one! Taking care of children and a home at the same time isn't always a breeze, many times as you are being a home maker you have a home destroyer right behind you. Babywearing can help you stay clear of potential baby tornado and earn major brownie points for getting stuff done 

10. Your a strong mom! 
You carry a baby on your front, back or even side everywhere you go. This doesn't just take physical strength but mental strength. You've also taken in all the support from fellow Babywearers or people who wish they had one of these nifty mommy sanity savers in order to over power the negative comments. 

Do you babywear? What are some of the questions or comments you've heard while comforting your little ones?  

Alyssa Waters


Kayla Bergstrom said...

I've heard most of these at least once! Especially since I have 2 toddlers!

Terri. said...

This was a great list! I can hear all 10!!!

Ellena said...

>You are spoiling that baby by constantly carrying them like that

Babies are supposed to be spoiled! They're babies!!!