Stop Showing Me Tiny Baby Bumps

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in every woman's life, watching your belly grow on the outside each week as your baby grows on the inside. Staying healthy is very important as your body goes through changes to support another human being and many women want to stay fit during their pregnancy but is it starting to go too far? 

Pregnancies used to be the one time women had a great excuse to eat whatever they wanted, the one time in our lives where we could give into our cravings without feeling guilty. We weren't concerned about gaining weight, we actually aimed to gain the twenty pounds our doctor encouraged and didn't cry over gaining more than "planned". 

There's a new pregnancy trend now that may be sending the wrong message. 

If you browse through Instagram you may have noticed the tiny baby bumps, we assume it's a early pregnancy announcement but then you see it "6 months pregnant". When I think of being six months pregnant, I think of a big round belly that's protecting a growing baby, I think about running to the store because my belly went through a growth spurt over night & nothing buttons. What I don't think about is dieting to maintain a certain weight; I do not think about working out everyday for two hours a day to make sure my pregnancy belly won't be noticeable until I am about to give birth. Why is it that recently we are seeing an influx of non-noticeable belly bumps showing up all over the internet?

My mind wonders when I see this extremely fit baby bumps, my first thought is "I wish I looked like that pregnant." then I begin to think about the message these women are sending to others, not just the fitness model's message about what should be a beautiful baby belly but the comments from admires. You see comment after comment from women and men "This is what women should look like when pregnant, you are an example of a healthy pregnant woman." but my question is, is it really that healthy? Maybe physically but is it mentally? What about those women who show just weeks into their pregnancy, what message are you sending to them?
Instead of stressing about maintaining a fit body during our pregnancy, women should just be able to enjoy her growing belly. All women should be able to express her excitement over a growing belly by posting a bump picture without worry; we have enough to stress about during our pregnancies we shouldn't have to worry about judgement too.

We want to hear from you, Do you think the "fit" pregnancy trend is going too far? 

Alyssa Waters


Marya Mann said...

I agree about the message and hownit can be perceived wrong but I will tell you that at 5-6 months pregnant Inagrdly looked pregnant that my dentist didn't believe me when I told them that I was. The thing I disagree with is you saying the small bumps is an image we don't want to spread because it stresses others out, etc... I know you mean it from the "fit" "be careful what you eat and diet" perspective. But I had hardly a bump to show and Inate what I wanted when I wanted. So not all small bumps come from dieting fit moms to be that are sharing a bad message. ;)..

Bubby's Mommy said...

I completely agree with you. With each pregnancy I have experienced, my belly is always bigger than the last time, and while being severely over weight is unhealthy especially while pregnant there is no excuse for being under weight. There is no reason to ever say ugly things to a woman when she is caring a life inside of her about her weight. The messages these "healthy" pregnant women are sending is very wrong and hopefully the coming generations will dismiss it and enjoy every second of their bity bean growing daily.

Jen G said...