Mommies Gone Mad Top 5 Cloth Diapers

Fluff , Cloth fluff is all the rage these days as the Natural/ Crunchy mom community continues to grow. Although cloth diapering is easier once to you get into the routine of washing diapers and saving money every month from not running to the store every time your little one runs out of diapers; in the begging cloth diapering can be difficult. What's the hardest part about cloth? Finding the ones that work for you and your baby and with how many brands are out there it can be difficult choosing. After a year of lots of trial and error I have put together our TOP 5 CLOTH DIAPER PICKS 

1. KangaCare Rump-a-rooz OS: Taking the number one spot Kanga Care won my heart over a year ago, in fact Rump-a-rooz were the first ever cloth on the bum. With the gusseted leg bands you have extra protection from leaking and a snug fit around the legs. The OS fits from around 2 months up until your little one is completely out of diapers. With multiple prints and colors for both boys and girls Kanga Care has designed a cloth diaper suitable for all babies.Read more about Kanga Care HERE

2. Charlie Banana OS- Recently discovered in our home after a year of cloth diapering Charlie Banana hits our number two spot. This pocket diaper has an inner lining so soft that even I would want to wear it on my bum. Coming complete with 2 inserts you don't need to add anything to ensure a dry day and night.

3. Momgaroo- These OS handmade diapers sold independently on a small online Etsy store are the perfect diapers to complete your fluff stash. Made of great quality all while being extremely affordable every cloth diapering mom should have a few Momgaroo cloth diapers in her rotation. These pocket diapers are not only lined with a soft, absorbent liner but with an easy to stuff pocket in the back you can easily add in a liner to maximize your absorbency factor.

4. Lil Bums- Taking the number 4 spot we have Lil Bums an affordable way to cloth diaper without breaking your bank with each diaper being under $15. Lil Bum diapers are made with a soft minkie shell and come with not 1 but 2 bamboo inserts giving you a diaper that absorbs almost any size mess. I suggest these for babies in a size 1 diaper and up. Read our full review HERE

5. Alva- Last but not least Alva diapers take our number 5 spot. These cloth diapers are a bit of a hot subject in the cloth diapering world depending who you talk to. Alva are considered to be "China Cheapies" and don't get the respect that many of the other brands get. Why do they take our 5th spot? If you are cloth diapering on a budget you can complete your stash with these diapers for a fraction of the cost of others. Alva cloth diapers seem to hold up just as well as any other and that earns them a spot in our top 5.

*This list was conducted based on durability, absorbency, and fit.*

Do you cloth diaper if so what brands do you love in your stash? 

Alyssa Waters


Haley Graves said...

Nicki's covers all the way! I also love Thirsties Duo Wraps and Twinkie Tush Hybrid Fitteds.

Mindy Ellis said...

I found a Canadian diaper brand I recently love--- Rump Arounds. Totally worth checking out!!

Jen G said...

Thanks for sharing!

Marya Mann said...

I loved Charlie Banana at first but after using them for a few months, the quality showed its true colors and just wasn't good in my opinion. Of course a lot changes in 4 years so maybe they've improved. I do agree the lining is super soft. We looooove Bumgenius, Twinkie Tush, Applecheeks, and Moraki... Rump Arounds is great for a cheap affordable option with lots of patterns and they are soft and comfy. However they are cheapies and don't last super long, but long enough. When we were about done cloth diapering, unfortunately the owner sold the business to someone else... But I believe everything is still the same.