Get ready for an New Obsession- RulaRoe with Carrie

I'm just going to come out and be straight forward with you, I get obsessed with things quickly, but a clothing brand was not one of them until recently. Clothing is a great obsession of mine but it't mainly yoga pants, I mean come on what mom doesn't love a great collection of yoga pants? Now that I got that out in the open let me say RulaRoe with Carrie has changed my life, well my fashion life anyways. 

Let's just face it & say it how it is in the fashion world, not many brands of clothing are for EVERY woman, you have ones that cater to the teens, other for curvy woman, & then you have the ones for the twigs (I used to be that woman wearing the XS & 00) but I have yet to find any clothing designed to fit all us including the ones of us who are in between. Well say hello to RulaRoe the only clothing designed for ALL of us! 
When I first saw One Size leggings on the chart I thought to myself "Yeah right, OS does not fit that many sizes, no pair of leggings is going to fit someone who is a size XS and me (in Between sizes S & M)". Then I saw curvy & thought okay I am not considered curvy, I do not have that curvalicious hourglass shape that I oh so wish I did. I knew I needed some reassurance and turned to Carrie who ensured me the One Size leggings were for me. 
Moment of Truth: 
My RulaRoe leggings arrived but to a very great surprise my package also included a Irma top for myself to match the leggings & an adorable Lucy Dress in Dot Dot Smile for my 4 year old (Yes they have little girls dresses & leggings). When I saw that size tag of XXS on the Irma top I thought ha, I am going to have fun trying to squeeze into this but gave it a try any ways. It fit! Perfectly & even once I lose the rest of the baby weight it will still fit me, this doesn't happen often or I should really say IT NEVER HAPPENS. Then the leggings went on, I was already a legging lover but RulaRoe leggings are a whole other level of love, take your favorite leggings & coat them with extra softness, you will get RulaRoe. Better yet ditch your favorite leggings & just get yourself a pair (or 20) RulaRoe leggings, these are a absolute MUST, I can almost promise you that you have never had a pair like these. 
When my daughter Mel saw her Dot Dot Smile Lucy dress her first words were "awe this is so cute, mommy you picked this out for me right? You know me & this is so cute." I had to tell her so many times Mrs, Carrie was super nice & sent her a surprise dress since little miss insisted "Mommy you know me so well, this is sooo cute, you must have picked it out." Now as us moms know our children saying something is cute is one thing but when they run to put it on so they can model it for you & insist you take lots of pictures is another. Mel is one of those children who will not stay still for pictures never mind tell you to take them. 
The sizing on the Lucy dress for girls surprised me, I thought we would only be able to get a few wears out of it before my sweet child grew out of it but once she had it on & I saw how stretchy it was I knew that this would last a few sizes, not just a 4t or 5t. The material of the Dot Dot Smile Lucy dress felt similar to my leggings, soft to the touch & comfortable to wear. If my daughter will wear it all day then I know RuLaRoe is perfect for the both of us. 

Goodbye Mom clothes, Hello Roe
Find your Roe at 
Facebook Group (must request to join) Think of this as a private shopper & a way to score limited edition print leggings. 

*Disclaimer time! As always I must tell you that I received this product  free of charge in exchange for this awesome & honest review. No other compensation was provided for this post  to sway my opinion in any way. You may or may  not share the same experiance although I hope you do. This disclaimer is provided to you so that way we follow all guidelines. 

Alyssa Waters




sawyer plays said...

Yes, its dose become an obsession! lol

Chelsea said...

Love the print on the top!