SensplorationCoffee Subscription Box

Calling all coffee lovers, I found the perfect subscription box for you! You know that "No Talkie Before Coffee" saying you have likely seen all over the internet? I am one of those people who live by this saying, if I haven't had my morning coffee don't talk until I do. I am also one of those strange people who don't have a favorite blend, it doesn't matter what coffee it is as long as I have my sugar and creamer.

 Sensploration was put together for people like me, those who like to try new coffee every month with their monthly subscrption box. This subscrption box gives you two new blends to try along with some yummy candies to pair with your morning coffee. 
For a $24.99 a month you can choose your roast (Dark, Medium or Light). Have a perfectly roasted blend of coffee shipped to your door, each bag of coffee is freshly roasted just 24-48hours before being shipped to your home to ensure freshness. Every box includes 2- 5oz bags of coffee beans and a surprise gift (mine was chocolates). 

Check SensplorationCoffee our for yourself & tell us what you think. 

Alyssa Waters

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