No more all day snacking with SlimWay

I'm just going to come out strong & tell you all that I LOVE FOOD, when I say this I mean I am one of those people who eats all day long. Just when I think I am full I am hungry again. Luckily for me I never had a weight issue (thank you to my dad for your unbelievably fast metabolism), until now that I am trying to lose the rest of my baby weight from the 3rd wild one. 

My sweet wild child was born almost 1 year ago (11 months, 2 days to be exact) & if you listen to your doctors they say 9 months to put it on & 9 months to take it off, well this is nice if you can get it off in those months but unfortunately for me I gained thirty-six pounds and still have twenty pounds to lose. You know that fast metabolism I mentioned? Well it seems like it hasn't gotten the memo that its okay to speed back up to help shed these pounds off. Knowing that my all day eating habits is also effecting my ability to take off the baby poundage I needed to try everything possible to help curve those cravings. 
Now usually I would tell you that most "Get skinny" or "Stop the cravings" dietary supplements, wraps, creams and whatever you might of heard of don't work. I am one those "you have to work out & eat healthy to lose the weight" kind of people but being into essential oils I knew I had to give the SlimWay a try. This oil is different from those weight-loss supplements you have heard of & here is why, it doesn't promise it will just make you lose weight, it states it will help Appetite Control which usually results in weight-loss if you aren't eating as much as your typical food intake. SlimWay is an oil mixed up of multiple essential oils including Grapefruit Oil which is said to help boost your metabolism which in return gives you more energy and the more you do the more calories you burn. 
What I love about this oil is I am not ingesting anything! After every shower I apply a small amount to my abdomen (I am a night eater) & reapply in the morning to help control my appetite during the day. Within 2 days of starting this routine I noticed I wasn't wanting to eat as much & have more energy to work out & really get things done around the house. Within 2.5 weeks I lost 5 lbs and I am eager to see what my results will be once the bottle is empty. 

In all my skepticism I can not believe I am about to say this but THIS STUFF WORKS!  

*Disclaimer time! As always I must tell you that I received this product free of charge in exchange for this awesome & honest review. No other compensation was provided for this post  to sway my opinion in any way. You may or may  not share the same experiance although I hope you do. This disclaimer is provided to you so that way we follow all guidelines. 

Alyssa Waters


Stacey Roberson said...

Sounds promising. I am also one of those people who need to work out and eat healthy to lose weight. It's so hard when you love chocolate.

Sarah Hayes said...

this sounds like a great product. I really like that its not ingested.

Susan said...

Well, I'm pretty skeptical that just rubbing an oil on your skin could reduce your appetite... but I suppose if the price is right I'd give it a try! My biggest problem when it comes to dieting is that I'm hungry all the time so if I could fix that, losing weight would actually be pretty easy.

Dana Matthews said...

Just curious, after these few months, is this still something you agree works? Snacking is my biggest demon in trying to eat right. If it does work, I need to give it a try!

Alyssa Waters said...

Dana, I have not reordered any but did find it worked pretty well for reducing my appetite. I snacked way less as I am one of those who would snack every hour or so (I LOVE food). I will be honest and tell you that I am awful are remembering to take vitamins daily & this was just like that.