It's All About Lashes- LimeLight Perfect Mascara

Mascara seems to be all the talk these days, you hear about the latest Cover Girl mascara, Younique Fiber Lashes, & Limelight Perfect Mascara. What do these all have in common? They all promise fabulous, full lashes. 

Now ladies we all know that not all mascara can be treated the same, some give you little to no volume, some give you the clearly false look with clumps galore, others give you two steps & then you have the mascara that is your lashes best friend but your bank doesn't agree. Stop the hunt for the perfect lash booster because I found it! One that you give you the full volume, the falsies look without the clumps & that won't make you choose between lunch & fabulous lashes.

Limelight Perfect Mascara

Up until recently I had never heard of LimeLight & I can only say that disappoints me greatly because if I had I could have saved a few bucks buying mascara that didn't show me the "wow" factor.
Almost every woman has her "Go To" makeup, that one confidence booster or just to look like she didn't just roll out of bed & my go to is Mascara. I can not leave my house without applying at least one coat of mascara. This is my little secret to fooling everyone into thinking I am fully awake and ready to take on the day instead of looking like a complete mombie from the lack of sleep. After years & years of purchasing the latest mascara every month I got tired of wasting my money, I say it's felt like a waste because I would have to do so many steps to get the full lash effect, coats & coats of mascara, a dry brush to break up the clumps & a curler to have my lashes perk up. I simply did not have the time to do this anymore & doing all these steps with a baby in one arm wasn't exactly easy & quick.
With Limelight's Perfect Mascara I can skip all the extra steps & just do one coat when I am in a rush. This mascara is a fiber infused formula so no two steps like many of the fiber lashes out there that you have likely heard of 1 or 1,000 times, your fibers are right in there with the rest of the formula. All I need to do is apply as many coats as I want till I get the lashes I want & usually this is only one coat on most days & never more than 3 when I want going for the fuller effect. 

I will be honest, when I  first heard of this mascara I was expecting to see a price that just doesn't fit my budget so going into this blindly I was telling myself "Do not love it because you can't afford it." Oh was I wrong! Not only is this Perfect Mascara perfect for my wants/ needs it fits into my budget 100% so let me just go ahead & tell you that you can get this for drug store makeup prices. The Limelight Perfect Mascara is only $14 which seems almost too good to be true but this is one of the first times that its really as good as it sounds. 

How can you buy Limelight? Haley is my official personal consultant who is there whenever I need my Limelight fix & to answer any & all questions that I may have (trust me I had a lot). She is always there to guide  me into the right direction & make suggestions based on my wants & needs. 
Check out the Perfect Mascara & other Limelight products at sassysouthernbeauty

*Disclaimer time! As always I must tell you that I received this product  free of charge in exchange for this awesome & honest review. No other compensation was provided for this post  to sway my opinion in any way. You may or may  not share the same experiance although I hope you do. This disclaimer is provided to you so that way we follow all guidelines. 

Alyssa Waters


Rusthawk said...

My lashes are thinning as I age and I am always on the hunt for a good mascara. This one sounds good!

Jenna H said...

$14 is not a bad price at all. Drug store prices are really getting up there.