A letter to my children, some labels matter

Dear sweet wild ones,
As your mother I am suppose to teach you about life and it won't always be easy for you but the day I became your mom it was my job to protect you. Unfortunately, you will grow to learn that I can not protect you from everything and bullies are just one of those things that no matter how hard I try, I cannot destroy all the bad guys in the world. One power your bullies will try to use against you is something we call labels. These can hurt sometimes, they can make you cry but when someone puts a label on you, just remember the ones that matter, the only ones that truly define who YOU are!

There are labels you are born with, these are the ones that will stick with you for your entire life. I was born with the labels "Daughter" and "Sister," these two labels are what defined me for a long period in my life. As a daughter, I aimed to make my parents proud and even in those moments that I felt like the world was crashing around me my mother (your grandmother) always made sure I was proud to be her daughter. The label sister is a powerful one, this is a word that you will either be born with or one that you earn. I was born a sister, as a middle child I was the baby sister to two older siblings and two years later, I added "Big Sister" to my list of words that define who I am. As a sister, I had siblings teaching me the ways, ways to be good to make my mom proud and also ways to make my mom mad, but they taught me a few ways of life and gave me so many great memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life. You too will get the honor of having these labels as a big brother, a big sister, a baby sister. And being called my son and daughters you will have these words that will some day make you proud when you are dealing with lives battles. 

Then there are labels that you will one day earn. I earned the titles of mom and wife. These do not come easy, you will work for these, you will go through heartache, you will question peoples intentions and you will question yourself. I proudly took the label as your mom, the day each of you were born this title defined who I am more and more, each and every moment I spend with you I feel the power of this word and realize how proud this trademark has made me over the years and will for the years to come. Wife did not come over night, this appellation tested me time after time, I put in hard work, tears and self doubt. This label is one that I constantly put in work to show my love and appreciation to earn and one day you will too earn your wife or husband label. 

When those bullies I talked about use words to hurt you to bring themselves up, remember the ones that matter the most — the ones that will mold you into the people you will become. Always tell yourself that you are my son or daughter and you make me proud everyday and will continue to as the years go on. Those demeaning labels that will be put on you as you grow up will no longer matter when you earn more titles when you too become a parent, a spouse, and a person who will change peoples lives forever. You my sweet wild ones will one day see a list of labels you will always be proud to see. For now take pride in being my son and daughters, take pride in being a big brother, a big sister and little sister for you will have a lot to teach and learn.

Alyssa Waters

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wow how sweet this article is and so very true..really nice way of putting this into words your a great writer