Panda's, Hedgehogs, Lille OH MY! Muslin Singles from SwaddleDesigns + Giveaway

SwaddleDesigns is at it again! Introducing their new line of Muslin Singles & new designs by Lynette Damir. 

SwaddleDesigns is known for the swaddle blanket sets that are trusted by moms all over the world. A brand that has been a big hit with my family since my first niece was born 7 years ago, now 3 kids of my own & 4 nieces later SwaddleDesigns are still a huge hit. Every baby has been snuggled up in muslin blankets since the day they were born. They are the first to introduce the instruction tags on how to get the perfect swaddle for your little bundle of joy who won't sleep without out feeling like they are snuggled up in the womb so during those days with a newborn, when your mind is no where to be found you can forget about having to memorize how to comfort your screaming sweetheart.

If you haven't tried SwaddleDesigns you have yet to discover one of the softest blankets around that not only will your new baby will love but that will grow with them. Every child has a blanket they love to carry around with them everywhere they go & these blankets will be with them every step they take. Now with the singles you can try out SwaddleDesigns without making a full commitment if for any reason it's just not love (although I'm confident you will be running to the store for more). 

Did I mention this would also be the perfect addition for any baby shower gift basket? Well I guess I just did. 

Want a chance to win a new Lynette Damir design? Enter by filling out the entry form below. 

Alyssa Waters

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Lisa Weeks said...

What a cute swaddle.