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* Would you like to give your child the language advantage?
Then look no further than Spanish. 414 million people speak Spanish on our planet compared with 335 million who speak English, and in this increasingly globalized world knowledge of Spanish is becoming more and more vital. 

* Why now is the best time to start learning Spanish
Children’s brains are programmed to acquire languages. Your child hears, sees the language used in context, and absorbs new words and phrases like a sponge. They don’t hesitate to learn and they easily adopt a Spanish accent. It's incredible to behold!

* Speekee - Spanish for Kids
Children learn languages best when they’re having fun, and having fun is what Speekee is all about. The Spanish learning is video based. The videos feature real Spanish children in real Spanish locations, and the Spanish is presented in a rhythmical, structured, step by step fashion. With Speekee your child is immersed in Spanish at all times!

* The Speekee Giveaway
1 Winner receives a full year subscription
Up to 100 Winners receive a free-month subscription

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Alyssa Waters

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