Not your Grandma's cloth diapers: Cloth Diapering today

When my sister mentioned cloth diapers over 7 years ago I thought she was insane , a towel & a pin didn't seem like something I would want to do with my baby. Motherhood was going to be hard enough why add the hassle of pinning on a diaper & having to wash diapers everyday. I thought the idea of cloth died back when my grandmother cloth diapered my mom & disposable made their debut so why the sudden influx of fluffy bottoms?

Then the packages started to arrive, these reusable diapers where not what I had heard my grandmother reminisce about , they were not your kitchen towel like cloth that you had to risk sticking your finger with a giant pin to get them to stay on. These diapers were cute, they were easy to put on & they were expensive! Even just 7 years ago one cloth diaper would cost you $35-$50, I thought for sure my sister had lost her darn mind when she would tell me how much money she was spending per diaper, not to get started on the extra requirements cloth diapers took like Woolies at night, special rash balms because you couldn't just use any one you choose from the drug store, & the special detergent. At that point I wasn't turned away from cloth diapers because I thought they would be a hassle but simply due to the fact I could not afford two diapers never mind the amount of diapers my little boy was going to require to get through each day. 

Flash forward to three babies later, 2016, 10 months into cloth diapers. Cloth Diapers have become or are becoming pretty mainstream, it's not totally absurd to see posts all over the internet about the fluff madness, you likely won't be able to make it through your news-feed without see the mention of fluff mail or seeing a tiny bum in a cloth diaper. You will still see your kitchen towel diapers, the correct terms for these are pre-folds & no they are not like hand towels like I initially thought when the G-Ma talked about the good ol days, they are actually what I used for baby spit up & burping time when my first was born. However even the way of using these have changed, you no longer have the only option of using a giant safety pin, you now have snappis which help keep the folded diaper in place, & the biggest change are the covers you use to keep your baby from soaking you when they let it all go in their pre-fold. 
If you want to keep it kind of old school thats totally cool but low & behold there's the diaper Grams wish she had,diapers that snap! Now there are three different complete diapers that snap on, your AIO, your pockets & your snap on covers. These are where you will hear most of the talk about how cute cloth diapering is, & how easy it can be. AIO or All In One diapers are just how they sound, one complete diaper that once the deed it done you rinse it out & put in your diaper pail until wash day. Pockets are similar & I will tell you I haven't really figured out how these are different from AIO diapers but I will say they have less padding so you stick your inserts in the "pocket" of the diaper. Covers on the other hand are reusable for as many changes as you are comfortable with or until the deed is too big & there is no using it again until wash day, all you have to do is change out the insert or prefold. 

Even the way you store your diapers have changed! You know how amazing diaper pail bags & wet bags galore that give you a clean & stink-less way to store your babies less than clean cloth diapers until you are ready to do a load of diaper laundry. 
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Alyssa Waters

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