Mo+m (Mothers on the Move) Soft Structure Carrier

There is not one mother I have met who can say she doesn't love snuggling her little one. Some day's it just nice to have a free hand while comforting your sweet (or not always sweet) baby & thats why I am a HUGE babywearing advocate. If you ask me what I enjoy or what I am passionate about,  babywearing will always be in my top 3 right after breastfeeding & right before cloth diapers. 
I often get a lot of questions about great and affordable baby carriers, I can name lots of soft structure carriers that myself & other moms rave about but they aren't always in everyone's price range & up until now I was totally convinced that a "cheap" carrier wouldn't even come close to some of the bigger names out there.  Here's where I admit that I was wrong, Mo+m are not only very affordable but they are ergonomic.

I can compare the Mo+m (Mothers on the Move) SSC to Ergo, Beco & Lillebaby & let me just say this, its as if all of these carriers got together & made a baby carrier you would get Mo+m. The panel & padded straps are comparable to the Ergo Original with their padding for extra comfort. When it comes to the clip that wraps the SSC around you it has the extra safety button just like you would find on the Beco carrier. Now here comes my favorite part of this Mothers on the Move carrier, the center panel that unzips to expose a mesh like material for those warm summer days where baby just needs a bit of a cool down. If your little one is a bit older (around 4-5 months) I would say this carrier would be great for you & baby, since it does not have an infant seat. Mo+m is really great for all moms on the go. 

Now you are wondering how affordable is this amazing carrier? How about under $50!? I'd say you want to get one of these Mo+m carriers before they sell out while on sale. You can find all the Mo+m carriers here 

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Alyssa Waters

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