Get foxy with Foxy Boxes Weightloss Monthly Subscription Box

Let's face it ladies after we have kids we say a lot of things like "I've some baby pounds to still lose" or "Now that I have the kids its time to take off the weight to be healthy." but where the heck do we start? I have spent hours searching the all mighty pinterest for the latest diet fads or the detox smoothies which there is no harm in that but honestly it's not easy finding the ones that work for you & many seem impractical for someone who isn't already in the routine or semi-fit to begin with. After having a baby everything is so different, the mom who once ran a mile every night before going to the gym for an hour is now struggling to walk up three flights of stairs holding her 10 month old because pregnancy wasn't entirely gentle on her body. 
Foxy Boxes gives you the chance to find what works for you without spending a small fortune to discover that not everything suites you & your needs or taste buds. This is one of the first monthly subscription boxes that include samples but also full site products so you really get to try a little bit of everything. The weightloss box from Foxy Boxes is full of the latest fitness goods that your body will thank you for taking, eating & even drinking.

February's box included
A full 15 Day Colon Cleanse from Evo (about $17 based on average colon cleanse prices )
3 Rawrer Glo Bars ($1.89 Each)
Modern Oats Apple Walnut Oatmeal (average $3.50 each based off 6 for $21)
2 E-Hydrate BCAA + Energy ($2 each based off  24 for $48)
4 E-Hydrate Energy Drink Mix ($1 each based off 10 for $10)
& a few other samples
Box contents add up to over $35
Making the Foxy Boxes Weightloss box 100% worth the $25.99

Check out my full unboxing video on Youtube to hear more about Foxy Boxes

*Disclaimer time! As always I must tell you that I received this subscription box free of charge in exchange for this awesome & honest review. No other compensation was provided for this post  to sway my opinion in any way. You may or may  not share the same experiance although I hope you do. This disclaimer is provided to you so that way we follow all guidelines. 

Alyssa Waters


Melissa Ivy said...

That box seems like it would be helpful. I lost lots of weight when I got a step counter and started walking.

Jenna H said...

That's a great variety of products! I like getting samples before I commit to buying a bigger version.