Dear New Mom, You're Doing it Wrong

Congrats! You just found out your pregnant & here on out you will make every wrong decision possible when it comes to your new bundle of joy. 
You're 21 and just started your journey into adulthood, you're not married but you've been with your high school sweet heart since Freshman year. You missed taking your birth control pill one day & thought nothing of it, it won't happen to you right?  You are now three weeks late and sit down with that stick that you tinkle on, the pink plus sign pops up less than 2 minutes later. Your mind starts racing with mixed emotions, what the heck are you going to do? Your life as you know it is over.....You could put the baby up for adoption.... There's abortion as an option, but wait no you don't believe in that & even if you did could you really do it?
Now that you've wrapped your mind around that you are about to be welcomed into the world of motherhood just know that no matter what you decide you are making the wrong decision. So you decided to keep the baby, "Omg you poor thing, your life is just starting and now you have to take care of another life. How are you going to take care of a baby when you are just a baby yourself?" 
You decided to you will put the baby up for adoption... "You have no clue how hard it's going to be to let a child that you carried for 10 months & gave life to go. Won't you think about that baby for the rest of your life & wondering if him or her is being taken care of? You will have a part of you out in the world forever & know nothing about them." 

So you're 45 and surprise all these years you thought that you could't get pregnant you were completely wrong. Time to make that gyno appointment and listen to the list of complications you could experience. Your doctor wants you to take it easy so  you don't increase your chances of premature labor because your body may not be able to handle a pregnancy at your age. 
Now that you have confirmed you are indeed having a baby at an age where you thought you were going to plan your retirement brace yourself for society. "We're you trying? Aren't you worried that your child will be starting Kindergarten when you are 50?" So you opt out of the screening test since after all this is your miracle child, the baby you thought that you would never have. "What if your baby has down syndrome? Aren't you afraid of birth defects?" Maybe you opt in for the screening just so you can prepare yourself for a child that may need some extra love & care. "Well what if there is something wrong with your baby, are you just going to get an abortion? You would never just get rid of a child because they aren't perfect would you?"

You decide to have your baby in the hospital and get that god sent epidural. Why would you drug up your unborn baby so you can be comfortable. Your body was meant to bare a child, you wouldn't be able to have a baby if you couldn't handle natural child birth. 
You want to give your baby the best start into the world, you had an all natural, at home, water birth with a doula. Why would you risk your babies life, don't you know labor doesn't go according to plan? They have maternity wards for a reason, a doctor should be close by in case you have complications.

Hey mama you decided to breastfeed and give your baby whats natural, what your body was meant to do. How barbaric is that? Did you know that all breastfeeding mothers just want to show off their breast & love a good excuse to do it out in public. 
Breastfeeding just isn't for you or your body didn't agree that it's natural so your baby has a bottle of formula. How could you possibly give your baby something with who knows what is in it? Didn't you want your baby to have the best start?

Now as a mom you have to cover that adorable baby bottom. You decide to use disposable diapers since lets face it they are easier. How could you possibly put that on your babies but? Don't you worry about rashes? What about our environment, don't you know how many disposable diapers are going into our landfills everyday? Don't you worry about your babies future, how will they survive with all the pollution from their diapers?
Oh cloth diapers you are my love! You totally fell in love with the idea of cloth diapers & they are the only type of diaper that will touch your babies bottom. How could you use those things? Didn't the idea of cloth diapers die when disposable diapers came out? That's so disgusting, you will be cleaning off baby poop & washing them  in the machine you wash your cloths. 

Dear New Mom, I want you to know that everything you are doing, you're doing it right. No matter your age, you got this motherhood thing down! Whether you decide to have your baby in the hospital with drugs or a home birth with no intervention you got this labor thing down, you mastered child birth.  Whichever way you decide to feed your child, its the right way as long as you are feeding them & they are healthy. Who cares what's on your babies butt? As long as your bundle of joy has something to pee & poop in and not all over you or themselves you are doing it the right way. 

Always remember you have your precious babies well being at the top of your list. You will always have someone out there thinking that no matter what you do, you are doing it wrong. No women out there is the perfect mother since let's just be honest with ourselves for a moment there is no such as a perfect mother or else motherhood would be pretty darn boring. We are all Super Moms. 

Alyssa Waters

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