Save yourself from the stinky diaper pail with Kanga Care

We talk a lot about cloth diapers around here but we don't seem to talk much about everything else that comes with the fluffy love madness and that is about to change. Last fluff post we introduced you to Kanga Care who are known for their Rump-a-rooz, now we are showing you the world of pail liners for all those stinky diapers. 

I'm just going to start out by saying not all pail liners are the same. We jumped down the rabbit hole of cloth diapers almost 10 months ago when baby three was born & I was not prepared for everything I have learned over these last few months. It's taken a lot of trial & error to find out what works & what doesn't when it comes to cloth diapers and storage. Sure wet bags work great but you soon discover that having ten wet bags hanging around the house waiting for wash day gets to be a little too much. Of course it's easy to say "I'll just get a pail liner" but as I stated before they can not all be treated the same because unfortunately they don't all work for everyone's needs. 

I thought that after trying multiple pail liners that just did not work for us & our big diaper bin that it simply wasn't meant to be & I was doomed to have wet bags all over the house. Until Kanga Care introduced me to their pail liners. The moment I took our new pail liner out of the package I knew it was not like the others, this one has a majorly adjustable draw string. I mean this could fit the tall & super skinny pails or the short & wide rimmed pails, making the Kanga Care pail liner a true one size fits all. 

Now size is a pretty big factor when determining what makes an amazing stinky diaper storage but what about the "stink hold" factor? I'm about to let out a secret, our dirty diaper laundry is in our guest bathroom. I must be completely out of my mind for leaving a pail of stinky diapers in a room where our guest go, right? No, I am just confident they can't smell a thing! Kanga Care has designed their pail liners with No-Stink Fabric, meaning an inner waterproof laminate material on the inside where you store those yucky diapers so the outer cute printed fabric doesn't get any of the stink which we all know can last a lifetime if it does. 

So now I am going to leave you with this, if you are tired of multipleKanga Care Pail Liners right now! You will not regreat it. Oh did I mention they match the diapers too? Ooops.
wet bags hanging around the house waiting for wash day or your pail liner just doesn't fit properly, check out

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