Winter Snuggles Just Got Cozier- Mamaway 3 in 1 Babywearing Jacket.

Many moms worry if their little one will stay warm in the winter while babywearing, many mothers decide to ditch the carrier all winter & stuff blanket after blanket in a stroller to keep their little squash snuggled up. This Winter don't ditch the carrier & get you & your baby the Mamaway Babywearing Jacket. This 3-in-1 lightweight down jacket is every mothers dream come true for the warmest snuggles possible.

The designers over at Mamaway in my opinion are pure genius! This jacket is designed to suit mom no matter what she is doing throughout the day, if mom's on snuggle duty she can keep baby warm in her jacket, & if mom if lucky enough to get away with out her precious mini me she can unzip the middle panel & look fabulous with a stylish jacket.

 I had so many worries before our new jacket actually arrived tho. Would it be too hot? Would it not be warm enough when we get the cold rain & fast wind when Florida gets our crazy cold fronts? Would it not fit right because I haven't lost all the baby gut  & I wear in-between sizes most of the time. Once the anticipation was over so were the worries. Our Mamaway jacket showed up at our door on the same day we had our first "winter" cold front coming in & my little squash was not a happy baby.
When I took our new babywearing jacket it was love at first sight. I couldn't wait to throw on a carrier & snuggle up to Gwendolyn. Once this beauty was zipped up I squealed  & did a happy dance, not only did it fit over my baby chunk but it zipped over my 20 lber in our thickest  SSC (soft structured carrier) carrier. I got to brag about wearing a size small jacket even with a baby attached to me. Later on in the night our new Mamaway jacket was put to the real test, it was 2am & Gwendolyn refused to sleep & wouldn't stop fussing, the wind was howling & sprinkles were falling from the sky, all I could think to do was put her in a carrier & throw on my jacket. Almost instantly after walking out the door little miss was  quiet, she giggled for a few seconds & fell asleep. The wind & rain were no match for this jacket, it would not budge, I felt like it was my personal wind blocker & wish I could have a whole body suit like this jacket to protect everything from the cold.

Baby squash still growing in your belly? The Mamaway 3-in-1 jacket doubles up as a maternity jacket! Why not buy one jacket for your pregnancy that will also be right with you when your baby is snuggled up on your chest?

Be sure to check watch our video showing you how to use the amazing Mamaway jacket
Check out this amazing jacket by Mamaway on Amazon  & be sure to check out all their maternity & baby great including ring slings.

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Alyssa Waters


Marya Mann said...

LOVED your video review and I love that jacket!! I'll have to keep that in mind when I have a second little cutie!! Thank you.

Katy Gaugler said...

This is such a great idea!