The perfect match for every flat lover- Linge Shoes

Walking through the store, down the shoe aisle we are are on the same hunt, the perfect match to all your clothes and the perfect fit. We all want that gorgeous pair of flats that also feel amazing on our feet. If you are a ballet flat lover like me you do know the pain (literally) of trying to find your perfect match. 

Since I discovered ballet flats match everything & I mean everything (everything from a dress to pair of yoga pants) I have been obsessed. I have bought pair after pair hunting and sadly the poor back of foot just did not agree with many. If you have worn ballet flats you already know how cute they look but you also know that some leave the back of your foot not looking so cute. You know the ones that are unbelievably stiff in the back and rub away, leaving you with blisters within an hour so those beautiful ballet flats you just spent a pretty penny on get to sit in your closet till you get the guts to try them on again. 
Linge Shoes are the perfect match to every flat lover. 

You've seen those beautiful ballet slippers that you dreamed about wearing in dance class as a child and now as an adult you dream about wearing them out around town, now you don't have to dream anymore. Linge Shoes don't appear to be very (wearing them out on any given day) durable but to my surprise these beauties really hold up to my active lifestyle. I always thought ballet slippers like these were just meant to be cute around the house because I was too afraid to wear them outside and have them last just one wear but these Linge ballet shoes helped me get over my fear. I am surprised that such a simple sole on these flats can go through so much wear and not give up on me and I am not very nice to the bottoms when it comes to walking with my fabulous flats.
One of the things I love most about Linge Shoes is the option to match your little ones, thats right they come in baby and toddler sizes too! So wither you are looking for neutrals, neons or pastels you and your mini me can show off your matching flats around the town. 

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Alyssa Waters


Bubby's Mommy said...

These shoes are so cute, and they match your personality perfectly!!! Love your dress btw, wish I could pull off that look. ;)

trishden said...

These are very cute and I love all of the colors, perfect flat with leggings. Thanks for the review.