My Truth About Being A Mom by Kristen from Balancing Pieces

Women take on many titles as they progress through the years. We start as girls and then become the 
dreaded teenager, soon to follow by the much anticipated adult.  Through these stages, we develop 
from being someone’s baby girl to a woman. As a woman, we are given socially demanded steps of 
achievement. Becoming a mother is one of them. 

Once this title is achieved, the immense amount of pressure and consequently sheer panic then kicks in. Get used to this panic feeling because it happens...often!  Unlike our mothers, we have the handy dandy internet to google everything and ensure that we are prepared. We create Pinterest boards for our nursery decor, the hospital bag checklist, and the best toys to make our child a baby genius. Oh, and lucky for us we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media avenues to assist in showing us what friends, family, and even celebrities are doing and buying. 

There isn’t a mom around with social media access that hasn’t looked to see what others are doing to entertain and educate their kids. We put the best of ourselves online, showing the happy moments, 
milestones and funny bits of the days. No one wants to show you that it’s 2pm and they haven’t even managed to put a bra on yet. Or that their morning coffee is still in the microwave from the third round of a one minute warm ups. Follow me around for a day and you would be wildly entertained and yet, immensely bored all at once. 

I have managed to take a shopping trip to Target and come home and find out I had been wearing my pants inside out all day. Every day I managed to brush my teeth but I’m guilty of wearing the same 
sweatpants for days in a row. Don’t worry, they smelled fine.  These moments aren’t on social media or in my child’s baby book, but these are moments that I remember. I am guilty of putting on a movie to entertain my child so I can have a moment to myself. Most of these moments include emptying the dishwasher or running the washer for the third time because each time I forget to move the clothes to the dryer. 

When the baby stage is survived and the toddler phase approaches there are so many new obstacles. If you’re lucky you’ve managed to completely transition the child into their room. These days, instead of turning over and checking their breathing with your finger on their nose, you’re staring into a night vision baby monitor with tired and watery eyes. You’ll wonder if the night light would provide enough light so they don’t get scared. Did you turn on the humidifier? Is the noisemaker working properly? Have you turned the air conditioner to the proper setting so they’re not too hot or too cold? Maybe you should check again to make sure they aren’t crying, the sound on the monitor is off. The list is endless. 

I remember the first night my child moved into her own room. I sat up staring at that monitor with tears streaming down my face wondering if this was too soon. Maybe she still needed me. Maybe she won’t know where she is. What if she wakes up and I don’t hear her cry? Every day got a little easier until eventually I realized that she would be perfectly fine. Besides, I had other things to worry about. Now, for the first time you will learn how many items in your house are capable of being swallowed.You may not have been on your track team in high school, but you will quickly gain the ability to sprint across the room like you’re at an Olympic tryout.  

In addition to your regular exercise you will now witness your child’s ability to climb…anything. Your child will get cuts, scrapes, and bruises in the process. They are war wounds and once they’ve reached the top, it is a victory. This is also a victory for you. Your child is fearless, exploring, learning, and growing. 

The truth is that being a mom is the most amazing yet fearful thing I have ever done. I may not always be doing it right and I am far from perfect, but when I look at my child my heart skips a beat,and I think at least she is perfect.

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