Mineral Hygienics- True Organic Mineral Makeup Made for YOU

 As a self proclaimed make up junkie I know how difficult it can be finding the perfect foundation , not everyone has the same skin tone, the same type of skin & not even the same undertones so why is it that all makeup seems to be treated the same in every store? If you walk into any local beauty store you and ask for a foundation that matches your skin tone you will be handed a bottle, this is lovely until you apply your makeup & suddenly you look like an oompa lumpa. The issue with just buying any foundation is most are formulated for those with orange undertones & the makeup warms up to your skin, if you are like me with blue undertones your makeup will turn an orange shade making it clear you applied foundation. If you are lucky a mineral makeup will be suggested to you, but for me even brands of mineral makeup caused itchiness & skin irritations for me to the point it just wasn't worth applying makeup unless we had a fancy event to go to.

I love makeup but liquid foundations don't love me, being a blue undertoned, pale Irish woman I find it almost impossible to find a foundation that matches my skin. Feeling fed up with buying foundation after foundation & trying every new one that came out from any & every brand I started to give up getting "beautified". When ever I did do my makeup I had to spend way too long making sure everything was evenly blended & had to apply my foundation to not only my whole face, neck & chest just so you couldn't tell I was wearing makeup.

Introducing the first ever foundation that feels like it was made just for me, Mineral Hygienics! This true organic, 4 ingredient mineral makeup truly warms up to YOUR skin.
Mineral Hygienics is the first any type of foundation that truly matches my skin. For the first time in my life I have found a make up that feels like it was made just for me. This weightless mineral makeup doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't cause breakouts & most importantly it looks & feels natural. Just when I had given up on getting dolled up to feel beautiful I found a makeup that doesn't cover my pretty pale skin but it enhances it. I no longer have to be self conscious out in public wondering if everyone can see my foundation line because Mineral Hygienics blends into my skin to match ME. 

Mineral Hygienics is so confident in their mineral makeup they offer a FULL size starter kit for just $59.99 this includes $150 worth of makeup & brushes to ensure you find what works for you. All I can really tell you is once you try Mineral Hygienics you won't want to touch another makeup again. 

* As a trusted blogger I received one or more of the products discussed in this post free of charge in exchange for my honest review.   No other compensation was provided to me to sway my opinion on this product, my opinions are those of my own and you may or may not share the same experience.

Alyssa Waters

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